League 73

Offroad Tier 1

What are Street Leagues?

The street leagues of Fortune Valley stand between you and the Outlaw’s Rush. Crush their unique races and events, then go toe-to-toe with each league’s boss to get one step closer to victory.

Liberty Desert, Airfield 73

Base of Operations


League Style

Udo Roth

League Boss


Freedom happens at a hundred miles an hour and ten feet in the air.

About League 73

The league takes its name from Airfield 73, an abandoned military airfield famous for its UFO sightings a decade ago. The members of League 73 used to break in and escape the authorities through offroad tracks.

About the Boss

Their leader, a brash racer known as Udo Roth, claims his name stands for “Unidentified Driving Object.”

Noise Bomb

Street League #5

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