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Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

Out now
on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC
Out now

Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

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Noise Bomb

Drift Tier 2

What are Street Leagues?

The street leagues of Fortune Valley stand between you and the Outlaw’s Rush. Crush their unique races and events, then go toe-to-toe with each league’s boss to get one step closer to victory.

Originally Tokyo, Japan, but now traveling through Fortune Valley

Base of Operations


League Style

Aki Kimura

League Boss


We create art on the knife’s edge between traction and freefall.

About Noise Bomb

The drift league known as Noise Bomb is one of the best-known drift leagues in the world. Led by the “Drift King,” Aki Kimura, Noise Bomb has been touring the United States and breaking drift course records all over the country.

About the Boss

Called “the Drift King,” Kimura is a worldwide drifting legend. He cares little about Silver Rock politics, content to beat local records and create high-speed art with his crew.

The One Percent Club

Street League #6

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