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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Battlez Community Challenge

Prove your prowess on the lawn, while earning rewards for everyone!

The next Community Challenge has arrived to Plants vs. Zombies 2, so get ready for some Battlez, PvZ fans! In the spirit of friendly competition, we’ll be working together while facing off to unlock awesome rewards for everyone!

Complete Battlez matches!

Challenge Period
The challenge begins at 10am on Wednesday, March 28th and runs for 6 days, until Tuesday, April 3rd at 10am PDT.

If we're able to complete 4.5 million Battlez matches during this period, 50 Premium Piñata Seed Packets will be available in the store for 10 coins! This one time purchase will really help you grow your plants.

However, if 9 million matches are completed, everyone will get a cap costume for Thyme Warp and a discount on the Gold Bloom Bundle!

How to Participate
Just jump in-game and play Battlez!

Prize Availability
Once the event is completed, we'll calculate the number of completed Battlez matches and announce if you won by 5pm PDT on Tuesday, April 3rd on Twitter and in-game. The rewards will be available at the in-game store at that time.

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