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Bringing in Feastivus 2018! (with Adam from the PvZ 2 Team!)

Hello, Plants vs Zombies 2 community! It’s About Time, once again, to warm up by the Torchwood and limber up those tasty brains for PvZ 2’s 6th Annual Feastivus event.

Adam here, game designer on PvZ 2, wishing yew and yours a fun-filled Feastivus 2018! I have been uprooted from my regular design duties to give you all the dirt on this year’s action-packed celebration.

Feastivus 2018 will be our very first with Battlez PvP! To anyone who has not played Battlez yet, go give it a try! There are always fun new challenges to hone your skills and earn heaps of rewards. Better yet, Battlez is center stage for new plants, new zombies and new levels to play weekly. For those of you already hippocampus-deep in Battlez, thank you for playing and keep the competition coming!

Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, there will be a number of treats sprouting up throughout Feastivus 2018.

  • NEW Power Mint! Just in time for the season…it’s Winter-mint! This hypothermic herb chills all zombies on your lawn while it buffs your Winter Melons, Iceburg Lettuces, Snow Peas, Missile Toes and Cold Snapdragons. You can earn Mints to unlock and level it up by playing Battlez all Feastivus long!
  • NEW Quests! Give Winter-mint a spin, practice Battlez and earn more rewards!
  • NEW Zombie! Tread lightly, any zombies milling around in Battlez won’t be able to back down from their New Year’s resolutions when this zombie shows up.
  • NEW Battlez Levels! Get ready to mix things up with not only new levels and classic Feastivus attire, but entirely new level types. Jump onto your favorite social media to let us know which ones you like, your best strategies and top scores!
  • Don’t forget the Goo Peashooter which was recently released and is an excellent addition to your defenses. Feastivus is a perfect time to play or visit the shop to collect seed packets to unlock Goo Peashooter or level up all your favorite plants.
  • Yetis! Because what would Feastivus be without Yetis? The thought is abominable. Check out weekly A Very Yeti Feastivus quests!
  • Sap-Fling Rereleased! Back for a limited time, do not miss out on this must-have lobber that is perfect for sticky situations.
  • 12 Days of Feastivus Store Event! Keep an eye out for daily offers, featuring returning fan-favorite plants!
  • A festive update to the Fan Kit! …and s’more!

No doubt about it, there is a ton of zombie sleighing fun on the way. As the game continues to grow, especially around Battlez, we are routinely making refinements from root to branch, as well as adding the necessary tools and features to sow the seeds of new content. Finally, after all the hard work, it will be incredibly rewarding for the PvZ 2 team to see players digging deep into this year’s fantastic Feastivus event.

For now, I must get back to work on my plot to control the seasons. Thanks for playing, all!


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