Build a Jolly Holly Deck

A chilly deck that will freeze those Zombies in their tracks

This Feastivus, we added a brand new card to the Plant side of the battle called Jolly Holly. This Smarty Class Plant is always in a good mood, even when she's fighting Zombies. Jolly Holly is an Amphibious card who freezes Zombies in the lanes next door when played, and is a great compliment to a strong freeze deck both for control and buffing up Snowdrops.

Be sure to check out the video above - put together my members of our design team. It offers lots of helpful insights into this deck and a look at just how strong it can be against the Zombie foe. Meanwhile, below you'll find the full deck list so you can build a Jolly Holly deck of your own this Feastivus.

Rose (Big Chill, Goatify, Transmogrify, Weed Whack)

1 2nd-Best Taco of All Time

2 Brainana

4 Chilly Pepper

1 Cornucopia

4 Iceberg Lettuce

4 Jolly Holly

1 Mayflower

2 Power Flower

2 Rescue Radish

2 Snapdragon

4 Snow Pea

4 Snowdrop

1 The Great Zucchini

1 Water Balloons

1 Whack-a-Zombie

2 Winter Melon

4 Winter Squash

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