Unlock Rewards in PvZ Heroes with Daily Challenges

With two huge PvE campaigns to play through, Strategy Decks to build, Weekly Events to complete, collections to fill, and both casual and ranked PvP to compete in, there's already a ton to do in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. With our latest update, though, now there's even more: Daily Challenges!

Every day when you play Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, you'll now be presented with a new challenge to tackle. Each of these new Daily Challenges will feature special rules, a preset deck, and often a chance to take new Weekly Event cards for a spin, making sure that they remain a fresh, difficult, but ultimately very rewarding experience. While you play through these new challenges, you'll learn about new strategies, see new combos, and experience new rules that really change up the game.


Challenges will come in a variety of flavors. For example, in some Challenges...

  •  you'll be given a deck that features the week's event card, or perhaps even against it.
  • you may need to really challenge your brainz and determine how to play your cards just right to win in a single turn.
  • you'll find the rules of the game have been changed up, so you take damage at the end of every turn, or certain types of cards will gain higher Strength or Health values than normal.

These are just a few examples, too - there's even more crazy tricks you'll run into!


Each day when you complete a Daily Challenge, you'll unlock the reward for that day. If you continue to play each day consecutively over a period of seven days, you'll unlock bigger and bigger rewards. If you win each day, you'll unlock the maximum rewards!

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