Deck Builder's Lab: Dancing Damage

Light up the dance floor and the Plants with this aggressive Zombie deck!

The last Zombie deck we showed on the Deck Builder's Lab featured a powerful late-game control deck that could stomp the Plants once it got rolling. This time, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Creative Director Devin Low has something different to bring to the lawn: the Dancing Damage deck!

This high-damage, aggressive deck starts with Unlife of the Party. While this might just be a 1/1 Zombie to start with, he will rapidly become stronger with each Zombie you play. Follow this card up with a Disco Zombie, who makes a 1/1 Backup Dancer when played, and suddenly your Unlife of the Party is a 3/3! These bonuses will continue to stack up as you play, making them particularly dangerous to the Plants - and the Plant hero.

Mix in some direct damage cards, like Zombot's Wrath and Bungee Plumber to knock plants out of the way of your buffed up cards for some big damage onto the Plant Hero.

Flamenco Zombie is another great addition to your deck. This 3/2 zombie costs 5 Brains, but he brings in an incredible power. He deals 2 damage to the Planet Hero for each Dancing Zombie you have on the lawn. That means you could land up 8 damage on the Plant Hero just by playing him, if you have a lot of Dancing Zombies.

By integrating cards from the Premium set, you can take things even further. Aerobics Instructor will give all of your dancing Zombies +2 at the start of every turn, which will really add up fast. Conga Zombie is a Gravestone Zombie deals 1 Damage when revealed, allowing you to take out a weaker plant, and get another Dancing Zombie out on the field with just a single card.

Add in a Disco-Tron 3000 for the ultimate upgrade. This musical mech summons a Disco Zombie... which summons a Backup Dancer! That's three Zombies in just one card. This combos great with several cards in your hand:

  • If you have an Unlife of the Party on the lawn, it will instantly gain +3 Strength and +3 Health.
  • If you have a Flamenco Zombie in your hand to follow it up, you'll deal 8 Damage to the Zombie Hero instantly.
  • Play an Aerobics Instructor to start boosting all of these Dancing Zombies you now have you.

You can make powerful Dancing-themed decks for any Crazy Zombie Hero, but our pick has to be Electric Boogaloo. After all, no one does dancing like the master of Disco himself — and his ability to summon dancers onto the field synergies perfectly with this deck.

Here's the full deck list for both the Basic and Advanced versions:

Basic Deck
4 Bungee Plumber
4 Tennis Champ
4 Unlife of the Party
1 Aerobics Instructor
1 Conga Zombie
4 Cuckoo Zombie
4 Pied Piper
4 Disco Zombie
4 Dolphin Rider
1 Zombot's Wrath
3 Orchestra Conductor
2 The Chickening
4 Flamenco Zombie

Advanced Deck
4 Bungee Plumber
4 Unlife of the Party
4 Aerobics Instructor
4 Conga Zombie
4 Pied Piper
4 Disco Zombie
4 Jester
1 Valkyrie
2 Orchestra Conductor
4 Flamenco Zombie
4 Disco-Tron 3000
1 Maniacal Laugh

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