Grow Your Game with Strategy Decks

Pre-built deck blueprints to level up your battle tactics and triumph over hard-to-beat foes

Hey, lawn legends! Prepare to level up your battle tactics with our all-new Strategy Decks. These powerful, pre-built deck blueprints are uniquely tailored to each Hero, and make it even easier for you to compete with great decks! Whether you’re new to Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, or looking to learn more about deck building, this new feature will help you grow your experience in-game.

What Strategy Decks Do

Strategy Decks are pre-built decks put together by our talented team of designers. Every Hero has three different Strategy Decks available to them, each featuring their own theme, representing aspects of the Hero.

For example, Green Shadow has these three Strategy Decks available:

  • Easy Peasy Peas and Torchwoods: Unleash the power of your Peas! Torchwood and Threepeater work together to take out the Zombie threat while Mayflower and Flourish grow Bananasaurus Rex to monster proportions.

  • Mean Beans Beans: Overwhelm the enemy as you put the toughest Beans on the stalk to work. Bean Counter and Admiral Navy Bean pile on the damage, and Espresso Fiesta acts like the meanest Bean of all.

  • Winter Melon is Coming Freeze: Use Snow Pea and Jolly Holly to Freeze the Zombie foe while Snowdrop grows out of control! Then unleash Winter Melon for a powerful late-game punch.

As you collect cards, you’ll be able to measure your progress toward completing each of these decks. However, if you don’t own all the cards in a Strategy Deck, that’s no problem. It will automatically substitute the best cards from your collection in place of the cards you’re still working toward so you can just straight into battle and put your new tactics to the test.

How Strategy Decks Help

Strategy Decks offer up some awesome new benefits as you collect new cards:

  • Learn awesome new battle techniques that will help you triumph over hard-to-beat foes
  • Create potent interactions between cards so you can maximize their power
  • Unlock additional Strategy Decks that create new card combinations and expand your fighting repertoire

With three new Strategy Decks now available for each Hero, there are lots of new tactics to test and new ways to play. Check out decks such as Berry Dangerous, Pharaoh's Curse, and Corn-pocalypse now and see!

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