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Luck o' the Zombie is here!

Are you feeling Plucky?

It's always good to have luck on your side, but also these awesome new cards

Today is a special day, PvZ fans, and not just because it is Pi Day. Luck o' the Zombie has kicked off in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and it will be running from now until March 28th! During the course of the event, you'll be able to earn new cards themed around the event, including the Plucky Clover, Leprechaun Imp, and the mighty Shamrocket.


Here's a look at the new cards coming into PvZ Heroes with Luck o' the Zombie: 

Leprechaun Imp

You can snag this magical little Imp from a special pack available only during the Luck o' the Zombie event. As a 2/2 card for 1 Brain, this Imp isn't too bad to start with, but the real value comes from its special ability. When played, you shuffle two Pots of Gold into your deck. These Pots of Gold cost only 1 Brain, and let you draw three cards! This is an incredible way to increase your card drawing and Tricks, which is a huge boon for Brainy Class heroes.

Plucky Clover

Plucky Clover is this week's event card, and she brings with her one of the most unique powers in the game. This 1/4 card costs 4 Sun, but when played, you add a random Event card to your hand, and Plucky Clover gains Strength equal the the Sun cost of the Event card drawn.

For example, if you were to draw a Toadstool, a 6 Sun card, Plucky Clover would turn into a 7/4 card! Also you'd have a Toadstool, which is extra awesome, too.


When your facing off against an opponent with a ton of powerful Zombies on the board, you'll feel lucky to have a Shamrocket in your hand. The Zombie Hero, on the other hand, will not. This 3 cost card will destroy a Zombie that has 4 or more Strength, giving Guardian Class Heroes a very powerful, and very welcome, boost to their ability to clear the lawn of high value threats. If you ever wished you had the very powerful Rocket Science card from the Zombie Side, you'll be able to get access to this effect while playing a Plant now, too!

The Shamrocket will be available as the weekly event card starting on March 21st!

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