SPORE Hero Arena


SPORE Hero Arena

Spore is available Nintendo DS! Spore Hero Arena allows players to create 3D Spores and take them into battle with an array of other creatures across the galaxy.

Game Features

Collect Creatures

Collect Creatures and trade them with your friends through the Sporepedia, or track all of the Creatures you meet as you travel the galaxy! Learn More

Create Your Hero

The award-winning Spore Creature Creator now comes to life in 3D on the Nintendo DS! Learn More

Customize Your Hero

Explore planets, complete quests, and defeat foes to gain unique parts. Unlock special powers and new moves to enhance your Hero for battle. Learn More

Discover an Original Spore Story

Spore Hero Arena has a completely original story that shares the same universe as the exciting Spore Hero for the Wii. Learn More

Experience Intense Arena Battles

Fight in all-new Spore game modes in galactic arenas, from giant creature skirmishes to battle royales, team battles, and more! Learn More

Play with Your Friends

Battle or trade with up to three other friends locally, or play with a friend over Wi-Fi. Learn More

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