Log in and get K-2SO, from Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, in theaters December 16.

From December 7th until December 14th Google Play players who log into the game will be able to collect Rogue One’s K-2SO for FREE from Rogue One Heroes pack in the store!

A reprogrammed Imperial security Droid™ turned Rebel agent, K-2SO is a Rebel tank capable of Dazing and Taunting his enemies to help turn the tide of any battle! As a former Imperial Droid, K-2SO retains a Counter chance giving him the ability to strike back any enemy that attacks him.

Reprogrammed by Cassian Andor, K-2SO has synergies when paired with him, gaining buffs from him at the start of an encounter and calling him in for assists during a battle with his “Conductive Charge” ability. 

After adding K-2SO to their collections, players will then be able to earn shards for this Rebel Droid in the Google Play exclusive event, Escape from Jedha!

With multiple tiers of difficulty (recommended levels ranging from 30-85), players will need to assemble their best squads to fight against the might of the Empire and escape from Jedha. Players will be joined in this fight by K-2SO, and will need to be ready to utilize this Rebel tank to succeed and earn shards to upgrade his star level.

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