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Keep Up with Guildmates Via Guild Chat, Plus New Player Profiles

Keep in touch with your Guild through the new helpful Guild chat. Only available to Guild members, chat lets you send messages to your Guild. Chat is a fantastic way to strategize with your entire team on the next move, celebrate wins, rally Guildmates, and just have more fun! It’s easy to access from the Guild home screen and the Cantina in the lower left corner. Plus, each message is labeled with the name of Guild member who sent it for easy identification, and that name links to the individual’s Player Profile. Note that each chat goes to the whole Guild at once, and that this is not a direct or private messaging system.

The improved player profile (also accessible through the Allies screen) is a great repository of info, including Ally ID, current Arena Squad, Arena Rank, entire player inventory of characters and even more stats. Profiles are perfect spots to find out more about your Guild and Guildmates – it’s also neat to check out your own profile and see how you stack up!

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