Guild Daily Activities

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Participate in Guild daily activities to advance your team! Each one will help you earn Guild Currency to purchase items in the Guild store, and Guild Bank Coins, which your Guild leader can use to initiate Raids.

Access Guild daily activities in your Guild hub. You’ll see a green tab in the lower right corner, allowing you to enter the activity for the day. These activities are similar to Daily Activities, except all Guild members work together to accomplish the tasks.

Complete the Guild daily activity to reach the next tier, and track your individual contributions on your Guild leaderboard. Each player on your team will be ranked based on their contribution, with individual reward levels depending on that rank. So, the more you contribute, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Guild members can even access contributing tasks in their normal daily activities section. Just look for activities titled “Personal Guild Contribution,” and complete solo tasks to send your Guild rank even higher.

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