Guilds Intro and Management

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It’s time to form your guild! Let’s take a moment to learn a little more about this new feature so you can conquer the galaxy alongside your friends. Guilds take part in shared daily activities that award both overall Guild contribution as well as individual contribution. You’ll need to work with your Guild to complete these activities, each of which has multiple difficulty tiers and increasing rewards.

You’ll have to be at least at level 22 to join or create a Guild. Once you’re there, head to the Guilds section, where you’ll see three tabs with the different ways to join or start a Guild. 

  • “Recommended”: this houses randomized guilds that are ready for new members, ones that don’t need invites to join, and that have a leader whose range is close to yours.
  • “Ally”: the place full of Guilds that only your specific allies already belong to.
  • “Create A Guild”: where you can create your own team.

If you choose to create your own, you’ll be the Guild leader. As the leader, you can:

  • Set a minimum level for joining
  • Set up your Guild to be invite-only (players will need to request membership)
  • Invite allies to join
  • Customize the Guild messaging that outsiders and potential recruits see
  • Pick the Guild name, as well as the logo, colors, and more
  • Promote Guild mates to officer status
  • Choose a new leader if you want to leave the Guild    

Guilds have three ranks: leaders, officers (who can both invite other allies, start Raids, and promote more Officers), and members. Twenty-four hours after a Guild is created, the Guild Store will be populated with Shards for characters exclusive to that store, as well as high-end gear. There’s also Guild Currency to spend at the store earned through contributing to shared Guild activities, and Guild Bank Coins that leaders use to start Raids.

Now that you know about Guilds, it’s time to either join up or start your own. The galaxy is waiting!

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