Mother Talzin and the revamped Nightsisters

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The newest addition to the holotable is the mysterious, Mother Talzin.

Mother Talzin has arrived to take her rightful place as the leader of the Nightsisters clan, popularized in the animated television program, Star Wars: Clone Wars. Using her dark magick, she introduces a brand-new gameplay element by inflicting the Plague debuff on her enemies, dealing damage directly to their health bar. As its name suggests, Plague can rather easily infect all enemies over time and cannot be removed by typical dispel abilities.

The five pre-existing Nighsister characters, including Asajj Ventress, have undergone a detailed revamp of almost all of their abilities. This makes the Nightsisters instantly better in game modes including Galactic War and Territory Battles. Of course, with Mother Talzin leading them, they can rival even the strongest of opponents in the Squad Arena, even on defense.

Use your existing Nightsisters to participate in the Marquee event to acquire shards of Mother Talzin. Additionally, in the "Defense of Dathomir" special event, you can battle invading forces lead by the cunning General Grievous.

Get in the game now to participate in the thrilling adventures of Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters clan for a limited time.

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