New Characters and Abilities

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The latest update for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes unleashes three powerful new characters that you can earn. Each brings unique characteristics and abilities into the fray. Unlock them now to bolster your teams and add even more diversity to your arsenal! 

With the introduction of Raids players will be able to begin to unlock Han Solo shards only through the Heroic tier of the Raid hardest difficulty which requires 7 Star Characters:

Han Solo  is a Rebel Scoundrel Attacker who always shoots first. Han gets a free attack at the beginning of the battle, allowing the player to start with a substantial advantage.

We have two new characters coming to players through Guild Shipments:

Gamorrean Guard is an aggressive tank that Taunts and Counters with multiple damage over time effects who has the most consistent damage output for any Tank - though the unit's abilities themselves don’t hit particularly hard. Instead, it gets a fair amount of damage from the damage over time and Expose effects applied, which inflict unavoidable damage based on a percentage of the victim’s health. The guard won’t take down enemies very quickly, but there’s no effective way to mitigate it's damage, aside from resisting the status effects entirely. Even other Tanks can’t stand up to this Gamorrean Guard for long! This consistent damage is particularly valuable against Raid Bosses, who take high damage from health-based effects despite their innate resistance to them.

Jawa Engineer is a high-speed Jawa Healer with a Critical Chance buff and both Jawa and Droid synergy. He serves as the linchpin support of a variety of both Droid and Jawa teams – teams that have, until now, not had a healer of their own. Patch Up isn’t the most powerful heal in the game, but it is coupled with a guaranteed revive for a friendly Droid, making it perfectly suited for keeping the typically fragile Droid attackers up and running. Meanwhile, Recalibrate allows for a potent tempo shift, on top of offering the rare and Droid-friendly Critical Chance Up effect. Crunch Time rounds out the kit by putting the Jawa Engineer among the fastest units in the game when supporting a full party of Jawas and Droids, allowing for a rapid rotation of special abilities and clutch heals right when they’re needed most. The Jawa Engineer is also unique in that they are the first unit with a basic ability that doesn’t directly deal damage. This means that the Jawa Engineer’s offensive capacity is somewhat sluggish, but given time to stack up a few Detonator effects on the enemy party, the ability can actually inflict respectable damage against nearly any target.

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