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New Squad Tournaments and Rogue One Characters

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The latest update for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes has unlocked a new event for players to compete in called
Squad Tournaments! The new Tournament system offers new ways for players to dominate the competition and earn rare rewards.

Squad Tournament Availability
Tournaments will be available for a limited time each week and will feature new challenges and rare rewards. Be sure to check back daily as a tournament could appear at any time.

Squad Tournament Brackets and Entry Requirements
To compete in a Squad Tournament, you must first hit Player Level 30. Once you have unlocked the event you will be grouped with other players in your level bracket (ex. Level 30-39) or power groupings if you’re at the level cap.
In addition to the level requirement, each Tournament has entry requirements (ex. Specific number of characters at a particular gear level) that change based on your bracket, so be sure to check the Squad Tournament Event section in the Cantina to see your requirements and then get ready to smash the competition.

Participating in the Tournament and Climbing the Leaderboards
In Squad Tournaments your chosen squad will face off against the Defensive squads of other players earning points with each battle. Players earn points in combat for each enemy unit defeated and each of their surviving units, allowing even a weak squad to score points if it can defeat one enemy unit. Ranks, and ultimately rewards, are based on the cumulative points that you have earned during a tournament.

Tip: The number of characters in a player’s squad is based on the Squad Tournament bracket that he is participating in (ex. 3 characters in the level 30-39 bracket).
Tip: Squad Tournaments reward players for having a large number of characters, as each character can only be used once (within a 24-hour cycle) Be sure to pick your squads carefully.
Tip: Players can pay for a character to be refreshed early for immediate reuse.

Defensive Squads
Tournaments allow a player to set a defensive squad, which will be the squad that other players will fight during the tournament.
Tip: Strategizing on your defensive squad is important as the less characters that are defeated by other players the less points they will earn.

After the Squad Tournament duration, players will be rewarded based on their current rank on the Leaderboards, with players at the top earning rare rewards.

Rogue One Characters
While players are already able to start collecting shards for the Rogue One character Scarif Rebel Pathfinder (via the September Daily Login and Scarif Rebel Pathfinder Daily Event), you can expect to find a few new units showing up in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes with the latest update.

The first of these is the new Rogue One Shoretrooper. Available exclusively through the new Squad Tournaments events. The Shoretrooper is an Imperial tank that fearlessly taunts his enemies at the start of every encounter and makes a great addition for any Empire squad!

What will be next?
You'll just have to be sure to check the Cantina daily to find out. But be prepared as you'll need to make sure your squads are ready to fight in order to earn new rewards! 

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