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Qi'ra Infiltrates The Holotable

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For some, life in a galaxy far, far away can be harsh. Sometimes, the only way to get by is through engaging in surreptitious activities. No one knows this better than new Star Wars character, Qi'ra.

Fans meet Qi'ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story™, in theaters now. A long-time associate of Han Solo, Qi'ra and Han learned early in life how to survive the hard streets of Corellia.

Qi'ra brings her scoundrel smarts to Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes™ today as a new, unlockable character.


Qi'ra is not only a crack shot, but one of the only characters with a Leader Ability that exclusively benefits Scoundrels. And boy, does she know how to bring out the best in them. Not only does her Leader ability grant huge bonuses to Scoundrels that score critical hits, her Unique Ability also boosts them, and she can potentially gain Prepared from their actions.

Even her basic attack is surprisingly potent as it can inflict Offense Down and Daze in one volley, with the potential to deal Health-based bonus damage. Ouch!

Basic Ability: Deadly Double

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy twice and inflict Offense Down for 2 turns. This attack can't be Countered. If this attack scores a Critical Hit, also Daze them for 1 turn, and if both hits are Critical, deal bonus damage equal to 10% of the target's Max Health.

Special Ability 1: Scattering Blast (Cooldown 3)

FINAL TEXT: Dispel all buffs on target enemy, then deal Physical damage to all enemies and Stagger them for 2 turns. This attack deals 25% more damage per buffed enemy.

Prepared: Dispel all enemies and Qi'ra is no longer Prepared.

Special Ability 2: Joint Operation (Cooldown 4)

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and call another target ally to Assist. If that ally is a Scoundrel, both attacks deal 30% more damage. Each attack has a 50% chance to Expose the target for 2 turns, even if the target Evades.

Prepared: Grant all other Prepared allies Defense Penetration Up for 3 turns and call them to Assist, and Qi'ra is no longer Prepared.

Leader Ability: Tools of the Trade

FINAL TEXT: Scoundrel allies have +30% Critical ChanceIn addition, whenever they score a Critical Hit, they recover 10% Protection and gain a stacking bonus for the rest of the encounter based on their Role:

Attacker: +10% Offense (max 3 stacks)

Tank: +20% Critical Avoidance (stacking, max 3 stacks)

Support: +20 Speed (stacking, max 3 stacks)


Developer's Note: With this ability, we wanted to capture Qi'ra's resourcefulness. With a team of high-Critical Rate Scoundrels, she can leverage their firepower into better survivability, then grant them each role-based stacking stat bonuses that let them do their job better, ensuring that Qi'ra and company can get the most out of any situation.


Unique Ability: Insult To Injury

FINAL TEXT: While attacking, Qi'ra has +40% Potency if her target isn't debuffed and +30% Critical Damage if it is. Other Scoundrel allies gain half these benefits while attacking. In addition, at the end of each turn, if any single enemy suffered more than one Critical Hit this turn, Qi'ra gains Prepared, 15% Turn Meter, and Health Steal Up for 1 turn. Each other ally that used an ability this turn also gains Health Steal Up for 1 turn.


Developer's Note: We want to make sure Qi'ra works well with Scoundrels in general but particularly Han and Chewie, so we made her Unique ability grant Preparation in a unique way while also supporting the allies that help her out. The versatility of swapping between Potency and Critical Damage ensures that, in a team of Scoundrels, you'll always be hitting the enemy where it hurts the most.

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