Territory Battles - New Challenges and Rewards

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The new upcoming Territory Battles feature delivers dynamic challenges and exclusive rewards for your entire guild.

The battlefield is divided into territories and each one usually contains multiple activities and objectives. Guilds will need to complete objectives within a certain amount of time, referred to as a "Phase". Earn as many Territory Points as possible in that Phase to increase your Guild's star rating. When the Phase ends, if your Guild earned at least 1 star (up to 3) in a territory, you'll move on to the next one.

At the conclusion of the event, all members will earn the same rewards in relation to the total number of stars earned by the guild. This includes distinct currency that can be redeemed for prizes in the new Guild Events Store.

Certain territories will require ships instead of ground forces. It's advised to plan in advance which characters & ships you will use before deploying them to a territory as they cannot be moved away from there for the duration of the Phase.

Combat Missions
Combat Missions allow you to create a squad of your choosing and battle through multiple waves of enemies. Each wave cleared will grant a certain number of Territory Points, even if you don't defeat them all.

Platoon Missions
Platoon Missions make use of your expanded collection by dedicating characters to certain slots, to fill the allotment of each platoon. In many cases, your guild will need multiple instances of the same character.

In addition to earning Territory Points, by filling enough Platoons your guild may unlock abilities or buffs to be used in subsequent territories. For example, you might unlock the Ion Cannon, which can be used as an artillery strike in future battles.

Special Missions
Special Missions are similar to Combat Missions but have specific character requirements to participate. However, completing Special Missions will grant unique rewards, such as unlocking Rebel Officer Leia Organa.

Coordination is key. Communicate with your Guild to develop a solid strategy and victory is within your grasp

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