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Top 10 Tips for New or Returning Players

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has been out for almost a year and a half now! Are you a new to the game or a returning player? This guide is for you! We’ll briefly cover 10 essential tips and tricks to improve your chances at the holotables.

#10. Expand your collection:

  • In addition to the store purchases (bundles and packs) there are many ways to obtain units throughout the game.
    • There are 6 different shipments in the game that offer unit shards. These are all obtained using currency rewarded from participating in that area of the game.
    • Hard Mode Battles can drop unit shards, so keep pushing to unlock more Hard Mode Battles in the campaign to give you more attempts at collecting a unit shard of your favorite hero.
    • Cantina Battles also have a chance to drop unit shards, and this can be a very reliable method of gathering unit shards. Keep progressing in the campaign to unlock more nodes. In general the rewards given increase as move farther into the Cantina campaign.
    • Our AAT and Rancor Raids reward victorious players with unit shards for Han Solo and General Kenobi (Heroic Difficulty Only)
    • Events – Events are continually changing and offer the first chance to unlock many of our newest characters. Yoda, and Palpatine are only obtainable from their respective events. Keep an eye out for active events and their rewards!

#9. Mods can seriously strengthen your Heroes’ combat power & survivability:

  • Increasing the gear level of your Heroes will help unlock new ability tiers as well as increase their efficiency in combat, but Mods can push their power to new limits.
    • Mods can be collected from Mod Battles, Mod Challenges, Raid Rewards, and purchased in the Mod Shipments.
    • Mods offer a way to dramatically increase the battle stats of your units.
    • Mods of the same set will grant you a unique bonus based on the set.
  • Many of the end-game content (Raids, High level events, Challenges) are tuned with Mods in mind. This information is typically posted in the information view of the respective event or Raid, but take a look and make sure your team is up to the challenge.
  • Make sure you level up your mods.
    • Leveling up your mods will increase the stats that they grant to the unit as well as grant a unique bonus or having the modset at max level. This will help you get the edge you’ll need to win in some of the hardest battles!

#8. Got a new Hero? Not sure how to mod them or which teams they work best with? Check the forums!

  • The Characters & Strategy section of our official forums includes a basic strategy guide provided by the development team as well as a lot of information and guidance from the community.
  • When asking for help, remember to be patient and kind. Post your question and be respectful of the replies that you get as many of the people posting there are players just like yourself.

#7. Don’t let your extra shards go to waste – use the Shard Shop to exchange the leftover shards after you promote a character to 7-Star.

  • You can get shards for other characters as well as some of the best gear in the game.

#6. Complete the Daily Activities for great rewards and XP.

  • These can reward credits, Ally Points, Training Droids, Sim Tickets, and more, every day!

#5. Check back for the free energy throughout the day.

  • 3 times each day, you can login and claim free energy and cantina energy. This increases how frequently you can spend this energy and it doesn’t cost anything at all.

#4. Avoid spending time over the energy cap.

  • When your energy is capped, you will not receive the ticks of energy over time. Time permitting, try to spend the energy so that it will continue to regenerate during the times you aren’t actively playing.

#3. Join a Guild

  • Guilds become available at level 22 and offer the opportunity to play the game with friends. You can share tips/strategies and combine forces to defeat some of the toughest content in the game – Raids.

#2. Help your guild out

  • You can request gear pieces from your guild and fulfill these requests each day. This will help make your entire team stronger.

#1. Watch for new events

  • As mentioned previously, events reward the first opportunity to unlock the newest Heroes.
  • Some of the best value packs and bundles are offered during these events.
  • Some events are regularly reoccurring (Credit Heist), others are rarely reoccurring (Emperor Palpatine), and others may only happen once, such as a Character Marquee event.

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