Unlock Grand Master Yoda in an all-new event

EA Staff

The latest update for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes brings a brand new character into the fold, Grand Master Yoda, starting February 11! The only way to obtain Grand Master Yoda will be through a brand new challenge called the Grand Master’s Training Event. Take on multiple difficulty tiers in this event to earn Grand Master Yoda shards, Crystals and high amounts of Credits. Completion of the majority of these tiers will unlock Grand Master Yoda himself!

The only way that players will be able to challenge Grand Master Yoda directly is if they can form a team composed of only Jedi. If players can create a team of all 7-star Jedi and defeat all difficulty tiers then they will be awarded with the ultimate prize, a SEVEN-STAR Grand Master Yoda! 

In addition to the Grand Master’s Training event which begins on February 11, today’s game update brings a number of new features to the game, including:

  • The Shard Shop, a place where players can trade extra shards of characters they already have maxed out for new character shards 
  • Preview the entire squad of a player before you challenge them in PvP, allowing you to form a squad that best counters theirs
  • Gear Found Notifications make it easier to find the gear you are seeking for your characters 
  • Various bug fixes and visual game improvements 

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