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Simmer Spotlight: Ruthless_kk

SimGuru Zera

With 30 creations and counting on the Gallery and in her tenth year of building, this Simmer Spotlight features Ruthless_kk.

·       How long have you been a builder in The Sims?

I started building back when The Sims 2 Nightlife came out...so about 10 years.

·      When did you realize you had a passion for building?

When I was a kid, it was Legos.  As an adult, I have always had a love of architecture, HGTV, and all of the home makeover shows.  If I had known I could build things in The Sims, I would have been in from day one.

You can download Ruthless_kk’s Daisy Lane Victorian from the Gallery here.

·      Do you have a favorite build of all-time? If so, what is it?

For pure sentimentality, it has to be the first house my daughters and I made together when we started playing.  It was never shared and it was a hodgepodge mess, but we made it together so it will always have a special place in my heart.

·      Where or how do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere! I love looking at real estate sites on line. In fact, I just spent a couple of hours last weekend looking at castle listings in France on a site I stumbled on to.  Gorgeous stuff.  When I see something interesting, I put a picture in an inspiration file on my desktop. I also get suggestions (and pictures) from simmer friends on occasion...and I have been known to stop and snap a few pictures when I am on vacation or out driving around if I see something cool I want to try to build.

You can download Ruthless_kk’s Industrial Open Concept room from the Gallery here.

·      What gets you in the mood to build?

I am always in the mood to build!  I can’t even tell you how many times I intend to just "play" the game and then I get an idea for something I want to create, or I decide the Sims I am playing need a new house and that is it.  Game over...time to build.

·      What kind of process do you have before you start a build?

When I build, it is so fun that it seems like a couple of hours can pass in the blink of an eye.  So the first thing I do is make sure I have the time to spend.  I take care of anything else I have to do first so I won’t feel guilty when I look up and 3 hours have gone by without me noticing.

·      Do you have a favorite snack or drink you like to have while you’re building?

I used to always have a Diet Coke on hand, but I have decided to give it up as a New Year's resolution.  It has been less than a week and I am still pretty cranky about the whole thing.  So now it is tea or a carbonated water.

·      Any advice for a person just starting out as a builder?

When you see something you really like, download it and "pull it apart" to see how the creator made it.  What makes it work?  What do you like about it?  You will get all sorts of ideas/inspiration that you can incorporate into your own builds. The fact that the Sims 4 has such ease of moving things in build mode makes doing this easier than ever.  You can literally pick apart a home room by room or a complicated roof section by section.  Not sure how to do a covered porch? Find something on the Gallery you like and see how someone else approached it.

First and foremost, though, build for the fun of it and to please yourself! Don't worry about what anyone else will think.  If you are happy with what you have created and had a blast making it, which is the most important thing.

Have you made cool stuff in The Sims 4? Show us by using the hashtag #SimSpotlight and you could be featured next!


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