Jessica Williams Visits Maxis!


Sul Sul Simmers! Two weeks ago, the lovely Jessica Williams spent time with Maxis to take over our official Twitter account and answer questions from all of you.

It's always wonderful to have people in the studio who love The Sims, and Jessica is no exception. Along with her best friend Sally, Jessica came in to look at all your fun questions while taking in just how fun and silly our community is. As big fans of the franchise, there was a lot of excitement around the little details we put in the studio; ranging from colorful walls, to uniquely decorated work stations that reflects team members interests and personalities, and meeting room names such as Motherlode and Sul Sul.

During their visit, Jessica and Sally also enjoyed lunch with Maxis as they geeked-out over their mutual passion for The Sims; followed by an introduction to Plumbob Pictures to finalize her official Sim; and a final tour of the studio itself while getting hands-on with our growing portfolio of products. 

In this picture, Jessica can be seen spending time with our The Sims Mobile's Senior Producer, Sarah Fuchs, while playing the latest soft launch build of the new mobile game.

Just afterward, Jessica had the opportunity to get hands-on with The Sims 4 on console (releasing worldwide on November 17, 2017), where she was so happy about playing the first true Sims experience on the platform that she did a little dance (and believe us, she would win any dance-off - hands down).

And to round it off, she concluded her day with SimGuruJM getting a walkthrough of Create a Pet and checking out the new world of Brindleton Bay in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs* for PC and Mac, releasing worldwide on November 10, 2017.

Overall, it was such a pleasure having Jessica and Sally join us for a day of all things Sims, and we hope they come see us again real soon. For now, be sure to follow Jessica Williams on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all of her fun adventures.

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*Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play.

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