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SimGuru Spotlight: SimGuruRomeo


Not a Tale of Woe

Want to know more about the fine people working on The Sims 4? Good news! We’re starting up a new series: SimGuru Spotlights, where we talk to a different member of The Sims Studio and ask them to answer questions about their life, their passions, and, most importantly, their favorite ice cream flavor.

First up, it’s SimGuruRomeo!

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself.

My name is Antonio Romeo, AKA SimGuruRomeo. I like long walks on the beach and… oh wait, sorry wrong thread. I am a Producer on The Sims 4 team. I am still relatively new, clocking in at only two years. I have worked on several features such as Gardening from The Sims 4, the Scientist Career from The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack*, and Clubs from The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack*.

What do you do on The Sims 4?

Being a Producer on The Sims is a lot of fun, it can also be quite hectic. Every day is completely different. Some days I am playing the game and making sure it is fun and engaging. I am constantly finding ways to tweak and better the game. On slower days I try to spend as much time on the forums listening to Simmers’ feedback, ideas, and comments – which is a ton of fun! Crazier days consist of me running around like a mad man talking with engineers, designers, modelers, and animators to try and kick a new feature off and make sure everyone has everything they need to start working.

What’s the best thing about being a SimGuru?

The best thing about being a SimGuru is that I get to talk with all of you. This is the reason most of us become SimGurus. We all love talking with our fans. I am on the forums every day listening to what Simmers are saying. I am one of the quieter SimGurus, but I do love listening, and trust me I am listening!

What do you love most about The Sims franchise?

When I was younger I played a lot of The Sims. I spend hours building out dream houses and cool structures. Most of my time was spent in build. The amount of creativity and freedom that build mode gives players is great. I always love seeing what our fans make, there are builds on the Gallery that I can only dream of making you simmers are truly creative.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

I am a huge ice cream lover! I am also not picky when it comes to sweets. I will eat almost any type of ice cream. I don’t think I have an all-time favorite, however I love ice cream that is both sweet and savory. One of my favorites is Chubby Hubby by Ben and Jerry’s. It is vanilla ice cream with peanutty fudge-covered pretzels with fudge and peanut butter. It is AMAZING!

Are there any SimGurus you want to read more about? Let us know, and they might be the star of the next SimGuru Spotlight.


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