Frontier News Network 12.02.2016

You can use the links below to download Titanfall 2 and play full MP for unlimited time all weekend. Enjoy!






Angel City’s Most Wanted DLC is set to release free this weekend to everyone that bought Titanfall 2. You can check out a couple awesome trailers and a full breakdown of all the content here.

New content isn’t the only thing that came with Angel City’s Most Wanted. We also included a hefty patch filled with new features, balancing, and bug fixes. You can read through the full notes here.

We also announced that we’re hosting a free trial of Titanfall 2 multiplayer for all platforms. If you are an EA Access or Origin Access member you can download it right now. For everyone else it will be available on December 2nd and goes until December 4th. This is the full version of Titanfall 2 multiplayer and any progression you complete will carry over if you buy the game. If you are on the fence now’s a great time to see what everyone has been talking about and for our fans: spread the word and get your friends to come play!

We saw lots of new players over the last week and that’s great! We welcome you. We’re expecting many more this month so if you’re just starting out or a vet to Titanfall, we’ve got a great tips section to help you learn more about the game. Start by going here: and check out the different courses. We’ve got lots covered including tips for beginners to advanced players and breakdowns of the different modes, Titans, and weapons and abilities.

Quite a week, right? Like I said last time: this is just the beginning. We’ve got lots more to talk about next year and I can’t wait to show you folks what we’ve been working on.

Now let’s take stroll through community corner. This week is all about that highlight gameplay.


Check out this Gooser with the MGL by xaqueboi via Reddit! :

I came across YouTuber Benchy recently and he’s one of the deadliest players I’ve seen yet. I recommend taking time to watch his Titanfall 2 playlist. See him in action with his Titanfall 2: Awakening Montage.

Gamesager continues to be one of the deadliest players out there. He manages to show dominance with nearly any weapon he plays with and this time it’s with the Softball. Enjoy:


Mtn Dew: These are a fun group of folks that boast a very friendly community and they often do livestreaming with giveaways.

Reddit: Our subreddit for Titanfall boasts one of our fastest growing and fun communities out there.

Titanfall Dads: A Network for those parents out there that are looking for other folks that don’t have a ton of time to play games.

Soon much of the team will be taking a much needed and well deserved Holiday. We’ll have a small crew here keeping the lights on and we’ll be back next year rested and ready to continue dropping more free content for Titanfall 2. We’ll have a couple more fun things in store for you before the year is done so stay tuned. See you next time!

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