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Motive, Means, and Opportunity

Our Motive

We are a team of designers, developers, artists, engineers, and storytellers, driven to enrich players' lives through meaningful entertainment. We believe there is a player who wants to escape to a world without limits - who is driven by relentless discovery. We make games for them.


We're building a team motivated by the desire to make the highest quality games possible. We're hiring for a variety of positions in the following areas:


Why Motive?

A Motivation for Excellence

There's always a motive. Whether we're charting new territory or uncovering a hidden secret, we're all driven by something. Here's what drives us:

Relentless Discovery

Our journey in developing new games is just as enriching and surprising as the player's experience in those games.

Shifting Perceptions

At their heart, games should be fun. We believe they can also help players think differently about the world around them for the better.

Immersive Experiences

There’s a certain feeling a player has when they’re deep into the rhythm of a captivating game. That unique state of play - that’s what we’re after.

Exceptional Games

We're pioneers striving for perfection. We commit to finding the best talent to create the highest-quality games possible.

Life at Motive

An Inspiring Backdrop

Montreal breathes art, architecture, food, sports, and music. It's a place that everybody has to live in once.

An Enriching Community

We are taking on all-new IP from the ground up. That means there's a lot of room to define what we will be and to make games that we would want to play.

Benefits + Perks

We're a start up with big time support. EA provides comprehensive benefits so you can focus on what matters most.

Our Team

We are passionate, creative collaborators, seeking to connect the world through play. We aren't afraid of taking the risks that make for unforgettable games.

"Everyone in this industry has a motive, an idea they want to bring to life, a new idea they'd like to see in a game. It’s what’s so great about this industry."

Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond

Jade is synonymous in the industry with bringing new franchises to life. As the founder of Motive, she is cultivating a creative-driven environment where top talent can pioneer the next great blockbuster franchise.

Mark Thompson

Mark has successfully avoided a “real job” and instead left his mark on the video game industry through franchises such as Far Cry. As Game Director at Motive, he channels the team’s creativity into a unified vision that yields a cohesive, amazing game.

Rahul Nanavati

Rahul has built a long career working as a Technical Art Director within EA. He thrives in the world between art and programming where he’s constantly finding creative solutions to help translate the vision of the art director into incredible in-game visuals.

Chris Matthews

With more than 15 years of experience on blockbuster franchises such as Gears of War, Art Director Chris Matthews is bringing the look and feel of Star Wars to life at Motive to create an incredible and immersive experience for players.

Jean-Francois Poirier

Jean-Francois has spent 15 years in the gaming industry as a driving force behind games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Child of Light. As Senior Producer at Motive, he motivates teams to work toward a shared vision and bring it to life.

Paola Jouyaux

Paola has a vast amount of experience working on nearly every aspect of games, including production, creative, analytics and UX. As a Producer, she is passionate about leading a team at the intersection of art and science to create a high-quality experience that players can enjoy – on time, of course.

Kim Swift

An influential figure in the industry, Kim’s impressive portfolio includes working on industry hits such as Valve’s Portal and Left 4 Dead 1 & 2. As Design Director at Motive, she strives to push the boundaries of innovation and technology and create new gaming experiences that capture players’ imagination.


You love working in an open, collaborative environment where everyone feels empowered and players rule. What's your motive?