Girls Who Code 2016 Summer Immersion Program

EA Kicks Off Girls Who Code 2016 Summer Immersion Program.

EA PLAY 2016

Girls Who Code

We’re committed to supporting a more inclusive environment for all of our players, and we’re proud to partner with organizations who are committed to gender equality and provide opportunities for young women to study computer science.

By the year 2020, there will be more than 1.4 million jobs available in technology fields, including game development. Women are on track to fill only 3% of those positions. Girls Who Code is on a mission to fix that by building the largest pipeline of female engineers in the United States.

“At EA, we want to leverage the power of play and the fun of gaming to help close the gender gap in technology, so we’re proud to welcome Girls Who Code to our headquarters for a seven-week summer immersion program for the second straight year,” says David Kim, Head of Global Diversity Inclusion and CSR at EA.

They’ll be learning code while also seeing firsthand how these skills are used in developing some of their favorite videogames. Here’s a look at what this year’s class at EA has been up to so far.

We’re proud to have 20 girls from the 10th and 11th grade to learn more about computer science throughout the summer. 

This year’s program includes guest speakers, field trips to neighboring immersion programs at other tech companies and one-on-one mentoring from the top women leaders in gaming. Plus, the group will get an inside look at our studios.

Here’s a look at how the Summer Immersion program works:

Week 1: Girls will learn to program in Scratch, a basic programming language.

Week 2: Introduction to Python with a focus on how Python is used in making videogames.

Week 3: Highlighting the intersection of art and science through Object Oriented Programming.

Week 4: Focusing on artificial intelligence through robotics in everyday items.

Week 5: Girls will learn about Web Programming in terms of UX design on websites.

Week 6/7: Students will work on final coding projects.


Want to get involved? Learn how to volunteer, start a club or donate at the Girls Who Code website.


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