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Official Fe Crystal Guide

Need some help unlocking every skill? Use this guide to find all 75 crystals in Fe.

In Fe, becoming a guardian of the forest means climbing, running, and gliding your way through every valley and swamp to protect it from the destructive Silent Ones. But you’re still green when the journey starts, and to unlock those abilities you must gather crystals scattered throughout the world. It’s a big forest out there, and you need all 75 crystals to get every skill (and the Citizen of the Forest trophy/achievement that comes with it).

Even forest guardians need a helping hand (or paw) sometimes, so we’ve put together an Official Fe Crystal Guide just for you. We strongly recommend you play through the entire game before using this guide, because some crystals aren’t reachable until after the credits roll. But once you’ve finished that chapter of your adventure, check out the tips below to unlock your full potential.

Great Tree Valley

1. This one is story-based, so you can't miss it!

2. Climb up on a tree and jump onto the ledge south of the main forest circle. To the southwest you'll find a cave blocked by a Silent One cage. Grab a seed from a bomb plant slightly to the north, deal with the cage, and grab the crystal.

3. North of the central tree platform, there's a crystal stuck in a Silent One cage. Get a bomb seed from a nearby plant and break the bars to claim the crystal.

4. To the north of the central tree platform, you can spot a tree growing on a curved rock. Climb it and the tree above until you reach a platform with a bomb plant on it. Grab one of its seeds, then walk between the two stones ahead and turn right. Below you'll see a platform with an eye-flower – drop down onto it, and there will be a cave behind you with a crystal in a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb seed and the crystal is yours.

5. Once you can sing to the float flowers, ride one up to a platform southeast of the main clearing, where a carrier owl’s nest is. The owl will carry you to a higher platform, and there will be a large rock ahead of you. Walk around it to the right to take the path behind it, then hop over to the ledge with the crystal.

6. On the south edge of this area, use the float flowers to ride up the cliff while facing the rock wall, but don't go all the way up. Eventually you'll reach a small landing that you can drop down onto, and you'll find a crystal waiting inside a Silent One cage.

7. While this crystal is in the eastern wall of the canyon, you'll want to start on the western side, where a lone bomb plant is growing. Grab a seed and walk southeast to a float flower conveniently growing beneath a spring flower. Follow the trail of flowers, holding tight to your bomb seed, until they set you down on a ledge blocked off by a Silent One cage. Break it with the seed and grab the crystal on the other side.

8. You'll see a cutscene with several fox creatures calling to you. Follow them, but don't jump down from the cliff when they do. Instead, jump onto the closest tree to your right, and you'll see a crystal on a nearby ledge. Glide from tree to tree until you can reach the platform and grab your prize.

9. Go back to the cliff and look to the southwest. You'll see a crystal glowing through the fog on a far-off cliff. Head toward it by gliding from tree to tree, and you'll eventually see a tree to the south that's taller than all the others around it. Climb it and glide down to the crystal.

10. Near the southwest corner of the valley, you'll see a log suspended on some rocks. Climb up a short tree southeast of it, and you'll be able to see a crystal inside. Glide down inside the log (which may take a few tries unless you have stellar aim) and grab it.

11. On the northwest wall of the valley, you'll see a set of platforms that look like stairs sticking out of the cliff face. Nearby is a raised ledge with several trees growing out of it. Glide from another tree on the forest floor, then climb one of the higher trees until you're looking down on the stairs. Glide over and climb them, and this crystal will be waiting at the top.

12. Above the entrance to this area, you'll find a bomb plant. Grab a bomb seed – you'll need it later. In the southwest corner of the alcove, you'll find a huge tree with an opening in the trunk covered by a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb, then climb up the smaller tree inside. There are two more trees growing above that one – keep climbing until you reach the top of the last tree, where you'll find a crystal.

13. This one is tricky, and it takes a lot of different skills to reach it. From the top of the tree where you found crystal 12, you can see a tall, tree-like stone in the distance. Glide toward and around it until you land on a rocky outcropping on its other side. Carefully walk up the rock path to a nearby tree and climb it.

You'll see another rock path below, leading across a gap. Cross it, using your wolf language to clear a wall of mushrooms in front of you. In the cave ahead, you'll spot a Silent Wolf – grab the ball off its tail to free it and ride the wolf to a nearby clearing. Above, you'll see the crystal inside a log, its opening blocked by a Silent One cage.

Below, there’s a bomb plant and two float flowers. Activate the float flowers, then throw a bomb seed into the first flower’s stream so it jumps from one to the other. This may take a few tries to get the angle right, but once you do, the cage will be destroyed, and you can float up to your well-earned reward.

Tunnel and Shore

1. Climb up a tree and jump onto the ledge west of the main forest circle. Follow your deer friend down the path to the left, and you'll spot this crystal as you emerge from the tunnel.

2. As you head down the hill from the previous tunnel, sing to the eye-flower slightly to the west of the main path. It will activate a set of flower platforms you can use to bounce to the next crystal and snag it.

3. After you sneak past your first pair of Silent Ones, sing to the eye-flower beyond so it creates a flower path. Climb up a tree on the other side and jump onto a nearby ledge. Instead of following the path to the left, turn to the right and you'll see this crystal on a nearby rock. Jump off a wayward flower platform (or drop back down and sing to the eye-flower again to make it reappear) and claim the crystal as your own.

4. Here's a blast from the past: head south down the path the way you did at the beginning of the game, but this time, when you spot a spring flower ahead, use it. Bounce from flower to flower to a crystal that's been waiting a long time to see you.

5. Head south down the path, keeping an eye on the eastern wall. You'll eventually see some rocks that look suspiciously like stairs. Climb them, then finally activate the spring flower that's been waiting for you since the beginning. Bounce up to the next ledge, then follow the path to claim the crystal at the end.

6. You earn this one with good ol' fashion platforming. Run along the cliff bordering the eastern wall of the area until you spot a tree reaching up toward a spring flower. Launch yourself to the next ledge and you'll spot another spring flower – the rest of the path unfolds from there. Keep heading up to scale the cliff face and grab a crystal on a high-up ledge.

7. From crystal 4, head northeast and as you pass under the giant tree, stay to the left of the fork. You'll end up on a rock bridge above the first Silent One camp you encountered in the game. (And in front of crystal 3 if you haven't gotten it already.) Run to the end of the path, then look over the edge to the west and you'll see a float flower. Activate it and then follow a line of float flowers leading into the fog, hugging the wall. Soon you'll reach a far-off ledge, but you're not done yet – look around for another float flower, then make your wall to a second hidden ledge with a crystal on it.


8. From the eye-flower that leads you to crystal 2, turn around and head uphill, running along a path that hugs the cavern wall. Soon, you'll reach a slight ledge with a spring flower at the bottom. Bounce up onto the raised path and look to your right as you race down it. Before long, you'll spot a crystal hovering in the air. Find a spot right in front of it (it’ll be framed by a forked branch when you’re in the right place) and jump for it. You might have to try a few times, but you'll get it!

9. Head to the southern edge of the peninsula and use a float flower against the rock wall to glide onto a thin platform. A line of trees is growing out of the cliff nearby. Climb to the top of the highest one, and you'll spot a crystal hidden in a circle of rocks to the east.

10. From the mama bird's tree, follow the river west until it reaches a waterfall. Overhead you'll see a large stone platform; climb up to it using the stone path against the cliff to the south. There will be a curved stone directly ahead of you at the top. Run around to the back and climb on top of it, then jump across the small gap to another flat stone ahead of you (to the northeast).

You'll now see two translucent floating jellyfish. Sing to them to make them take shape, the jump to the first jellyfish. Turn around and have it spring you back toward the vine-covered rock wall on the east side of the path. At the path’s north end, you'll see a set of rock stairs. Climb them and head north, hopping to a ledge ahead of you, and you'll find this crystal tucked away in a secret cave.

Mama Bird’s Tree

1. From the mama bird's tree, head south, sticking to the short ledge south of the hieroglyph clearing. When you reach the edge of a cliff, drop down to the stream below. There you'll find a cave hidden in the cliff face with a crystal inside.

2. You'll find this one hiding in plain sight on a river bank west of the mama bird's tree.

3. Starting on the north side of the river, make your way to the broken land bridge and jump to the southern half. Climb a nearby tree and jump to a higher ledge, where you'll spot two spring flowers. Use both, then climb up the tree on the next ledge you land on and look east. A crystal will be waiting for you below.

4. Starting below at the Silent One shrine, grab a bomb seed from a nearby plant, then carry it northeast toward the cliff. You'll find a winding path leading up the cliff that ends at a spring flower. Bounce to the upper ledge, where you'll find a cave covered by a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb seed and grab the crystal inside.

5. Cross the river west of the bird mama's tree and follow the path north until you see a snowy incline to the west. You won't be able to walk up it, but you can climb the tree next to it and jump to the top of the hill. Once you're there, drop down to the clearing south of you, and look behind the statue of a Silent One to find a cave blocked by blue mushrooms. Clear the way with the wolf call, then break the Silent One cage to free the spring flowers inside and bounce up to the crystal floating in the air.

6. Southwest of the mama bird's tree, you'll find a bomb-seed flower sitting on an elevated riverbank. Grab a seed, jump onto the rock on the other side of the path, and peer across the river. You'll see a Silent One cage blocking a small opening. Throw the seed to break it and then swim over to grab the crystal – just watch out for hungry fish.


7. This one's right out in the open. Drop down to the lowest level of the foggy area and you'll find it on a patch of ground to the north.

8. Along the eastern wall of the canyon, there's a path leading up the cliffside that you can reach by gliding from a nearby tree. Follow the path into a cave with an angry bear inside, then take a sharp right – not just to avoid the bear, but to head down a tunnel directly next to the entrance. You'll see a bridge ahead of you when you exit the tunnel, but don't cross it. Instead, turn around and walk up an incline leading over the opening you just came from. Eventually you'll find a spring flower you can use to jump to a nearby ledge and grab the crystal sitting there.

9. Go back to the bridge you saw on the way to crystal 8, then look to the northeast, where you'll spot a float flower. A series of them lead up the cliffside. Flutter from one to the other, grabbing and climbing trees where you need to, until you reach the top of the cliff and can grab this crystal from a fresh patch of snow.

10. This one takes a little leg work (or is that paw work?). As you scale the tree-platforming puzzle to the north of the mama bird's tree, you'll reach a point where you can see a hieroglyph on a ledge to the west. Jump down onto the ledge, then use a tree beside it to climb onto another ledge above. There you'll find a bomb plant – grab one of the seeds and carefully climb down some rock steps nearby until you're on the same platform as the carrier owl. On the southern part of that same platform, you'll see a tunnel blocked off by a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb seed, and you'll find a crystal tucked away at the tunnel's end.

11. To get this crystal, which is propped up on an impossibly high ledge, you'll have to take a detour. At the bottom of the snowy hill to the northeast of the crystal, you'll spot a lone tree. Climb it and look to the northwest, where you'll see a line of trees growing up the cliff. Jump from one to the other until you reach the top of the tallest tree. (If you have trouble, wait a moment after you jump before you start gliding – it will give you just a little more air.)

Look to the southeast and aim for the blank spot above the large, dead tree, then let fly. Glide toward the crystal ledge (making a pitstop on the dead tree if you feel you need it), then snag your prize from those great heights.

12. This one may seem impossible to reach, but you just have to look at it from a different angle. Instead of entering the cave on the area's northeast wall where the crystal is marked on the map, start in the north. From the land bridge above where you found crystal 7, look southwest. Behind and above a Silent One statue, you should see a hint of blue mushrooms. Head over to them and clear them out with a wolf roar, and your crystal is just a hop away.

13. Go back to the entrance to the swamp, and you'll find a spring flower that you couldn't use before. Jump in and it will shoot you right up to this crystal.

14. Crystals have a certain glow, even in the dark. Enter the dark cave full of mushrooms and head toward the circle in the middle. Once you're there, stand on the far eastern edge of the circle (there will be a spring flower a few feet away) and face south. You'll see a wall of mushrooms on the other side of a gap. Jump over to it and follow the path to another spring flower, making sure to growl often to keep the mushrooms lit. This next part is tricky if you can't see.

Jump into the spring flower and it'll launch you toward a higher ledge. Immediately start gliding and you'll make it to where this crystal is perched.

Deer Canyon

1. This one's linked to the story, but you can miss it if you aren't careful. After you break the first cage in the area north of the main tree, sing with the eye-flower and it will create two flowery platforms for you. Jump from a rock that's jutting out toward the first flower, then glide from there to the second flower. The crystal will be on a ledge ahead of you, but you won't be able to reach it even by gliding – instead, head toward a tree growing out of the cliffside beside it, then jump to the ledge from there and grab the crystal.

2. Once you've freed the giant deer, glide to where it was standing and grab a crystal floating in a small enclosed pool.

3. Near the southwest part of the area, you'll find an owl perched near a tall rock wall. Sing with the owl and it will drop you off in its nest, where a crystal awaits.

4. Face the rock wall where you got crystal 3, then look to the far-right side. You'll just be able to see a crystal through a small gap in the rock. Crawl through and it's yours.

5. After you leave the crag where you found crystal 4, run beside the rock wall to the west until you reach a huge pile of boulders at its southern end. There's a gap between the two boulders closest to the wall, covered by a Silent One cage. Head east, hugging the rock wall, until it ends. Run around the edge of the wall and you'll find yourself in a familiar place, where you used bomb seeds to help free the giant deer. Grab a seed from the nearby plant and head back to the gap in the boulders. One good chuck and the crystal inside is yours.

6. Once you can speak the deer language, go to the top of the rock wall where you found crystal 3 and sing to the float flower there. Float up on the flower’s updraft, then glide north toward a rocky outcropping with a crystal on it, activating other float flowers along the way to give you lift.

7. Head to the far northeast corner of the map, to what looks like the entrance to a large clearing off the main area. You'll be greeted by a rock wall with a small gap in the top – use the nearby trees and rocks to reach the gap and float through. On the other side, you'll find a large tree with float flowers growing inside. Use them to reach the top of the tree, then carefully glide over to a line of other float flowers on rocks jutting out of the cliff. At the end you'll find a nice, large platform with a crystal perch regally on top of a rock.

8. Head toward the west side of the loop at the area's north end, and you'll find a large rock jutting out of the cliff with some smaller rock formations beneath it. Drop to the ground and crawl through the rock formations, and you'll find a crystal hidden inside.

9. After you break the last cage to free the giant deer, sing with the eye-flower and it will create a bouquet of platform flowers immediately to the west. Bounce off them to the ledge above and grab the crystal waiting there.

10. In the northeast portion of the area, you'll find several trees growing up a rock ledge supported by a blocky pillar. Jump from tree to tree to reach the ledge and look across the gap to see a crystal nearby. The tangle of rocks ahead of you can look intimidating, but you don't have to worry about them at all. Turn around and climb up the wall of blocks behind you, run to the end, then jump and glide to the crystal platform.

11. You can get this crystal before or after the Silent Ones have left the area, depending on how sneaky you are. At the opening of the canyon, drop down to the lowest level and head toward the sheer rock wall in front of you. As you get closer, you'll see a gap to the left of the wall – go inside and you'll find the crystal waiting.

12. As you enter the deer's domain through the northeast passageway from the Great Tree Valley, you'll spot a tree leading up to a series of spring flowers. Bounce your way up the cliff to a small alcove with a bomb plant and several spring flowers in Silent One cages. Simple enough, but there's one problem: there's a bear between you and the bomb seed. Dodge carefully around/frantically run from the bear with seed in hand, and after you free the first spring flower, throw another seed into the flower itself to rocket it up to the last trapped flower. Then it's just a hop, skip, and a bounce to the crystal on the ridge above.

13. You can only get this one after you've beaten the game. Enter the deer's domain from the northeast passage, then head south to a path bordered by giant orange rib bones. Climb up to the spring flower, which will deposit you at the mouth of a vertical shaft. If you've beaten the game, you'll see two jellyfish inside. You know what to do: use them to launch yourself upward and claim the crystal you find above.

14. You may have spotted this one early in the game (with no idea how to reach it), but it's only after you learn Fe's last language that you can finally claim it for yourself. After you've completed the game, enter the deer's domain from the northeast passage from the Great Tree Valley. When you reach the first gap, climb up the tree in front of you, but then take a closer look ahead: two jellyfish creatures are now floating above the chasm. Sing to them, then glide to the second one and have it shoot you toward the crystal ledge (not straight up – you'll hit a branch and go tumbling back down). Finally, this crystal is yours.

15. After you interact with the jellyfish creatures for the first time, follow the path they've created for you until you see a platform with several spring flowers on it. Launch out of the last jellyfish to the first spring flower, then jump from flower to flower until you reach a crevice with a crystal inside.


1. To the south of the swamp path, you'll see a waterfall. Behind it is a crystal you can reach by going through a cave to the left or taking your chances with the hungry fishes and swimming straight through the waterfall.


2. Directly north of crystal 1, you'll find a pile of rocks marked on the front by a hieroglyph. There's a gap in the rocks with a fish skeleton in front of it – go inside and this crystal will be waiting in the back.

3. Once you enter the area from the east and pass through the swamp, you'll hit dry land and find a raised land bridge ahead of you. Jump down over the west side of the bridge and you'll find a hollow log down below. And what do you know – there's a crystal inside!

4. As you head west through this area, you'll pass through a part of the swamp full of spring flowers that let you hop from one to the other while barely touching the ground. At the end of this marsh, you'll pass under a rocky archway and find a Silent One's body on the other side. Immediately turn left and walk into a gap to the left of a second dead Silent One. Inside, you'll find a spring flower sitting in front of a Silent One cage, and a bomb plant. Activate the spring flower, then grab a bomb seed and throw it into the spring flower. It will bounce out and smash into the cage, breaking it.

On the other side, you'll find an eye-flower, an antlered snake, and a crystal hanging in the air overhead. Sing to the snake so it offers to give you a ride, then activate the eye-flower to create a set of platforms above. Quickly jump on the snake's back and direct it toward the ledge behind the eye-flower, and it will spring up right in front of the platform flowers. Bounce from one to the other as fast as you can, then glide from the last one to your prize.

5. Stand on the Silent One shrine on the western edge of the swamp and look directly east. You should see a small gap between the water and a rock overhang, covered by a Silent One cage, with a rock path leading up to it. There's a nest to the west of you with a bomb plant in it. Grab a seed, then carefully walk to the end of the rock path and throw it (don't fall or step into the water, or you'll drop the seed). Once the cage is gone, the crystal inside is yours for the taking.

6. In the southwest corner of the swamp, you'll find a dead Silent One and one of the collectible Silent One helmets. From this spot, go directly north to the edge of the platform and look down. You'll spot a tiny sliver of ground below, and dropping down reveals a cave with a crystal in a Silent One cage. Grab a bomb seed from a plant a few yards to the east (in one of the nests above the water), then come back and break the cage to grab the crystal.

7. Prepare yourself for an adventure, because this one takes some navigating. As you descend into the valley, you'll see an owl on top of a tree slightly east of the main path. Jump on the owl and ride it up to the top of a nearby arch, then head west toward the stairs covered in spring flowers. Turn left at the top of the steps and follow the path until you come to a secluded alcove with an eye-flower in front of you, and one on a higher platform.

This is a timed puzzle, and the flower platforms from both eye-flowers must be active at the same time for you to complete it. (If you're stumped, try this: activate the first flower, jump up to and activate the second, then immediately jump down and activate the first again before the second is finished growing its platforms). Best the challenge, and you'll be rewarded with a crystal at the top of the flower tower.

8. From the mama bird's tree, follow the river west until it reaches a waterfall. Overhead you'll see a large stone platform; climb up to it using the stone path against the cliff to the south. There will be a curved stone directly ahead of you at the top. Run around to the back and climb on top of it, then jump across the small gap to another flat stone ahead of you (to the northeast).

You'll now see two translucent floating jellyfish. Sing to them to make them take shape, then use their springy forms to jump across the chasm to a rock bridge. To the west you'll see a crystal on a higher platform under a broken archway. Use the spring flower below to reach it.

9. Once you've jettisoned off the jellyfish to the land bridge that leads you to crystal 8, take a minute to get your bearings: you'll see that there are two other land bridges connected to the one you're on, both running southwest. Travel down the eastern bridge (it's the one with two spring flowers at the start, instead of just one) until you reach a small forested area.

Before you move on, look at the dark black rocks up against the cliff. One looks more cylindrical and a bit shinier than the others – jump on the rocks behind it and you'll see the first isn't a rock at all, but a hollow tree stump. One with a crystal hiding inside.

10. From the spot where you found crystal 9, keep heading southwest until you reach a statue of a Silent One holding a lizard. Use the spring flower right behind it to jump across the gap to a wide ledge, then two more to reach a higher platform.

(From here you can also reach crystals 11 and 12, but 10 takes you down a different path, so you'll need to come here twice to get them all.)

Head to the eastern end of the platform and look over the edge. Below you'll spot another platform. Carefully drop down to it and look north to spot a small gap in the rock. Your next crystal waits inside.

11. Follow the instructions for crystal 10 until you reach the higher platform, but instead of dropping off the edge, turn around. There's a tree growing out of the tall rock beside you within easy jumping distance. Jump from it to the tree next to it, which is slightly higher up, and look southwest. Directly ahead of you, you'll spot a crystal sitting on a ledge under a leaning pillar. Fly or glide toward it, and it shall be yours.

(If you also need crystal 12, don't move! You can reach it from where you are now, so don't drop down or you'll have to make the trek all over again.)

12. From the spot where you grabbed crystal 11, carefully jump up on the wall of blocks next to you and look southwest. The crystal is perched in one of the highest nests in the swamp. Glide toward it, or play it safe and round the cliffside so you land on a ledge to the southeast of the nest. There are two spring flowers here, ready to rocket you up to the nest and your hard-won reward.

Snake Shore

1. After destroying the binding gate to the east, sing to the eye-flower and it will create a flower platform path for you. Follow it to a crystal sitting on top of a tall rock, beside a hieroglyph.

2. Use the float flowers sitting on the ascending row of rocks to the west until you reach a high-up platform. Look to the northwest and you'll be able to faintly see a crystal on a lower platform. Jump and glide down to it to claim your prize.

3. As you enter the area, you'll spot a spring flower ahead of you that will shoot you forward into the valley below. Don't jump in it! Instead, turn to the right and look down. You'll spot a crystal on a platform below just waiting to be grabbed.

4. As you descend into the valley, you'll see an owl on top of a tree slightly east of the main path. Jump on the owl and ride it up to the top of a nearby arch, then head west toward the stairs covered in spring flowers. Turn right when you reach the top and head north toward the Silent One shrine.

Use the spring flower north of the shrine, then turn left and jump up a few rock stairs. Ahead you'll see a platform with two trees on the other side. Climb up one of the trees and jump onto the ledge above – if you land next to a hieroglyph, you're on the right track.

You'll see a cave in front of you, but ignore your instincts and instead look to the left. South of a lovely waterfall, you'll spot a crystal in a nest high above. Get a little closer, and you'll see two spring flowers in two nearby nests, one slightly lower than the ledge you're on. You know what to do: jump/glide down to the lower nest and ride your way up to the crystal.

5. This one is right near crystal 4, and you'll have to take the same path to get to it. Except this time, you'll have to brave the cave.

You'll find yourself in a cavern with a mama bear and two bear cubs. Walk over to the cubs so they break the Silent One cage blocking the exit. But instead of heading down the tunnel, take a sharp left and you'll see a gap in a small rock wall, with steps on the other side. Climb them, and you'll be in the mama bear's abode with a wall of blue mushrooms behind her. Quietly get rid of them and jump into the spring flower on the other side, which will rocket you up to another level of the cave.

Run forward until you reach an alcove with a whole bouquet of spring flowers inside. They'll rocket you every which way if you want to have some fun, but to get the crystal, you must jump up to the platform on the right. Pick the correct flowers to launch you up and right on top of that sneaky crystal.

6. After you complete the game, an owl will fly you back to the main area and stop at a small island with a crystal on it. Jump off the owl onto a nearby tree, then leap to the crystal.

Snowy Trail

1. The area where you'll find this crystal is hidden deep in the ice region, so you have to keep an eye out for landmarks. Proceed through the area until you reach an icy incline that you can only climb by jumping between two spring flowers. Once you reach the top, turn left and you'll see a tree growing off the edge of the cliff you're standing on. Climb it, and in the distance you'll be able to spot a door covered in blue mushrooms on a far-off ledge. Glide down there, and the path beyond will lead you to the row of cliff-growing trees that end at a wide ledge.

Do your gliding thing, and you'll find a cave full of Silent Wolves guarding a crystal at the top of an icy hill. Free all three so they won't attack you, then sing to one and have her carry you to your prize.

2. As you're following the wolves through the snowy area, you'll come to a trail of spring flowers leading up a sheer cliff. You have to use them to follow your wolf leaders, but you can miss the last one, which is perched on top of a sharp rock. Make sure to hit it and it will rocket you up to a hidden platform that holds this crystal.

Wolves’ Domain

1. After you learn the language of the wolves, you'll come to a series of ice slides with spring flowers at the end. At the last spring flower, start gliding right away so you land on the high platform in front of you, then grab the crystal at its end.

2. In the mushroom cave, you'll meet an adult wolf. Sing to it and hop on its back to go for a ride. You'll eventually reach a fork in the path – sing away the mushrooms in front of the left path and follow it to a waiting crystal.

3. Head back up the path to the fork and look back the way you came, to the northeast. You'll see the last mushroom door you cleared, and a platform below that with a crystal on it. Jump to get off the wolf's back and drop down to a small platform jutting out on the north side of the path. Then you can grab the crystal and follow a new path to the south to get back onto the main route.

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