Salute To Superfans: Westie

We all love video games, but some just love them more than others

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Salute To Superfans: Westie

In this series, we’ll be highlighting some of our most passionate fans from around the world.

UK-based YouTuber Westie is a huge fan of the Battlefield franchise, so we caught up to gage his reaction to Battlefield 1 and ask him about the franchise.


You were on stage at the Battlefield World Premiere where you watched the Battlefield 1 Worldwide Reveal Trailer. What were your first impressions?

First impressions? Pure excitement. Stamping your foot to the beat of the song, seeing the brutal melee combat, the planes, the horses, the epic air ship...It had Battlefield written all over it! Turning back round to the crowd and seeing them screaming and shouting and on their feet...It’s pretty clear they felt the same!

What’s the first thing you want to do in-game when Battlefield 1 is released?

I want to check out the destruction. It’s been a big feature of Battlefield since the turn of the franchise back in 2008 when Bad Company came onto the scene. With such a grand scale of war like World War I, the possibilities are endless! Breaking through buildings, smashing foxholes in the ground...creating your own route through the battle, that’s what I’m looking forward to!


You’re a pretty big fan of the Battlefield franchise, what’s your favourite game and why?

I’m a huge Battlefield fan, but to pick a favourite...I’m going with Bad Company 2. It was my first real multiplayer experience in the franchise (I dabbled a little with the original Bad Company), and I loved the map design! The Rush game mode doesn’t get better than Bad Company 2: the linearity of the maps, the way they seamlessly flow from location to location but still offering plenty of opportunities for flanking, hold up points and blockades to create great game play. That’s what it’s all about...oh and the single player was blast too! Haggard, Sweetwater Redford and Marlowe had some great dialogue and the comedy was just gold!


For you, what are some of the most exciting aspects of a Battlefield game?

For me, it’s the way the game can change with good teamwork. Squad up with your mates, join a server and just take to the battle! A well-coordinated, vocal squad really can change the tide of the battle.

I’m an infantry focused player and I can remember joining a game of Conquest on Operation Metro, we’re down 300 tickets on the enemy team and we only have 150 left ourselves. A few flanking attempts later and we’d broken through; taking their flags behind enemy lines and wiping out their team... we came out winners by 20 tickets. That was because of team play and communication. When you pull off the impossible, that’s exciting.

Why do you love playing Battlefield games?

I love the theatre, the atmosphere, the sense that you and your squad can make a huge difference. Whether it be trooping together in an AMTRAC and fighting to the end on a round of Conquest or you’re on a sneaky flank about to take down a line of defenders; you never know what’s coming next. There’s always the chance that someone is going to pull of something incredible and change the game completely. It’s that immergence that makes me love playing never quite know what’s going to happen; that makes it different every time you play.


What does it feel like to play a Battlefield game?

It feels energizing. You feed off of the thrill of taking down that sniper who’s been pestering you all game, or the jet pilot who’s dominating the skies and you manage to take him down. You take that feeling and invest it back in. Once you get on a good streak of pushing towards objectives and taking down players helping your team win, you feel awesome. And there’s always the chance you can pull off something incredible, that Only In Battlefield moment...that’s the best feeling of all!


What’s your go-to loadout when playing a Battlefield game?

I’m a sucker for the Sniper class; bolt action rifles are just so satisfying to use. You’ve got to be so accurate and precise with your shots, so when you land one and the enemy goes down, you feel like you really earned the kill. Plus, I like to light everyone up who’s hiding in and around the objectives. That spotting lets your team and squad know on the map what they’re up against and if I can pick off a few enemies from afar, I feel like I’ve done a good job!

For gamers new to Battlefield, what title would you advise them to start with and why?

At the moment, I’d tell them to jump into Battlefield 4. It’s still an extremely popular game two and a half years after release, so there are always servers running different game modes and maps. Also, it offers the all-out warfare you know Battlefield for, and what’s the best way to learn something fast? Throw yourself in at the deep end! Battlefield 4 offers something for everyone, so right now it’s the best game to find your niche.


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