Am I able to change my game reward once I've made my selection?
Yes. Contact us 24 hours before your scheduled playtest to request a rewards change. We cannot guarantee any changes to same day requests.

What type of reward items are offered?
Depending on the Playtest we offer a variety of rewards as thanks for your time.

Will I be able to get the game that I'm testing?
For a game that has been released, you can usually request a copy. We are not able to provide copies of unreleased games.

If I am able to receive more than one reward item, will I be able to choose two of the same game titles?
For new releases (1-3 months old) the courtesy is to receive one copy so that all Playtests have the opportunity to take home a new release.

I received an Origin product code but am unable to redeem it. What should I do?
Please contact us at for assistance.

I have a question that not answered in the FAQs.
If you have any other questions regarding EA Playtesting, please email: