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Exciting development for Motive Studios

It was nearly three years ago that we launched Motive™ Studios in Montreal and last week, we officially expanded Motive into Vancouver. I couldn’t be more excited about this news!

Relentless discovery has always been one of our core MOTIVEations (bad pun intended ;) I believe that the creation of great experiences comes from our passion to try new things and push boundaries, but also from the strong collaboration of a diverse group of people coming together. In my experience, all the truly special touches in the games I have worked on were born from the knowledge, experience and creativity that each person brings to the game.

Our dev teams in Montreal and Vancouver are not only driven by this passion to innovate, but also by the desire to make games that have meaning and matter. We seek to connect to players who, like us, want to explore worlds that inspire relentless discovery. To us, the journey of developing new games should be just as much fun and inspiring as the games we create.

So, extending Motive Studios was the natural next step to bringing likeminded teams together.

As far as what’s next, Motive Vancouver will continue to work on the beloved PvZ™ franchise. Teams in both Montreal and Vancouver are working on exciting new projects in the Star Wars™ franchise that will explore different gaming genres on different platforms. As for the development of our new IP in Montreal, it continues to progress well and is pushing for innovation in areas we know players will be excited about.

We’re eager to connect to players around the world and looking forward to sharing more on our projects soon.

We’re always looking for passionate developers. If you’re interested in joining us at Motive in Montreal or Vancouver, we would love to hear from you! Visit our Careers website for more information.

By Jade Raymond, SVP and Group General Manager Motive Studios


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