Feeding Frenzy

PopCap Games

Standard Edition

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and you’re going to eat them all! Play as one of five hungry marine animals and chow down on an ocean full of smaller fish. You get bigger the more you eat, so unhinge that jaw and gnaw your way to the top of the food chain!
PopCap Games
Family, Action, Adventure
Xbox Live
Release Date


Chew through 40 levels

Sink your teeth into dozens of levels where the hungriest fish wins. Watch out for traps, poisonous fish and even bigger predators! Mehr erfahren

Play as five different creatures

Control different sea critters – from an adorable Angelfish to a vicious Anglerfish to a hungry Orca – and use their unique abilities to your advantage. Mehr erfahren

Splash through two different modes

Get your fins wet in Normal mode, or test your skills in the time-limited Time Attack! mode. Mehr erfahren


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