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Bizarro World

Ultimate Team Bizarro World items flip your favorite fighters fighting styles on their head.



Ever wonder what Ronda Rousey would look like if she was a dominant a striker? Or if Khabib Nurmagomedov was a technical striker instead of a bear wrestler? Enter Bizarro World in EA SPORTS UFC 3 Ultimate Team where this is the new reality. Fight in an alternate universe where fighters specialize in styles unlike their own.

Every week, players will be able to play as a Bizarro World fighters and fight against the normal fighters. Complete solo challenges, or grab Bizarro World Packs from the UT Store, to collect tokens and complete Bizarro World sets. See the new Master tier Bizarro World fighters below:"


Demian Maia

Maia is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master, but Bizarro World flips his style on it's head. Leave the submissions behind and go for crazy kicks instead.

Stephen Thompson

A Traditional Martial Arts Striker, Bizarro world takes Wonderboy out of his comfort zone and to the mat. In Bizarro World, Thompson is a ground-and-pound wrestler and grappler. 

CM Punk

A five star 'Wrastler' and a squared circle general, Bizarro World CM Punk is a well balanced fighter that can throw down with the best of them.

Carla Esparza

A wrestler and grappler at heart, be prepared to take on a Bizarro World-class brawler in this beast mode version of Carla Esparza.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

A 5-time Women's Strawweight Champion, and prolific Muay Thai Striker, Bizarro World Joanna will have you grappling for dominance. 

Holly Holm

Holly is an excellent striker who likes to pick apart her opponents with her long reach. However, get ready to shoot for submission with Bizarro World Holly Holm.

Ronda Rousey

An Olympic Judoka known for her armbars, Bizarro World Ronda will have world class head movement and devastating counters.

Junior Dos Santos

What happens when you take an exciting striker like Junior dos Santos and throw him into Bizarro World? You get one hell of a grappler!

Mark Hunt

Time to bring out the big guns. Traditionally the Super Samoan has been a brawler, but in Bizarro World, Mark only cares about snatching submissions!

Conor McGregor

You may be used to seeing Conor beat power with accuracy and speed with timing, but in Bizarro World we're predicting that Mystic Mac snatches 1st round submissions.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

To describe Khabib as anything but a 'bear wrestler' would be doing him a disservice. That's why Bizarro World Khabib should be one of the most feared technical strikers there is.


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