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How to Earn Ranks and Rewards in Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes

Details of the Weekly Challenges, the Chapter Rank, and what you’ll earn by playing.

With Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, another exciting Chapter of Battlefield™ V is upon us. If you’re not familiar with Chapters, they are several weeks long and come with new battlefields, challenges, modes, weapons, progression options, and more to evolve your Battlefield V experience.

Just as you can climb the ranks of the classes, weapons, and vehicles of your Company, you can rank up within each Chapter. The ways to progress are simple – and the rewards are sweet. Let’s go through it.

Earn Chapter XP, Climb the Ranks, and Collect Rewards
As you enjoy your matches of Battlefield V during one of its Chapters, you earn experience points exclusive to the Chapter – simply by playing the game when it’s active. This XP works towards a unique Chapter Rank, and each time you rank up, you’ll be rewarded. Hit the battlefield regularly during Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes and you may reach the maximum Chapter Rank of 40. Here are all the Chapter Ranks and their respective rewards:

Rank 1: Lightning Strikes Emblem
Rank 2:
Lightning Strikes Dog Tag (Bronze)
Rank 3:
Allied Soldier Set Part – The Gambler – Legs (Common) 
Rank 4:
Allied Soldier Set Part – The Gambler – Torso (Common) 
Rank 5:
Ribeyrolles 1918 Weapon Skin – Birch
Rank 6:
Special Assignment #1
Rank 7:
M1897 Shotgun Weapon Skin – Birch
Rank 8:
Axis Soldier Set Part – The Aristocrat – Legs (Common) 
Rank 9:
Axis Soldier Set Part – The Aristocrat – Torso (Common) 
Rank 10:
Spitfire MK VA Nose Decal – Kick Ass
Rank 11:
Special Assignment #2
Rank 12:
BF 109 G-2 Nose Decal – Bavarian Boar
Rank 13:
MG34 MMG Weapon Skin – Birch
Rank 14:
MP40 SMG Weapon Skin – Birch
Rank 15:
Special Assignment #3
Rank 16:
Facepaint – Amber
Rank 17:
Allied Soldier Set Part – The Gambler – Legs (Uncommon) 
Rank 18:
Allied Soldier Set Part – The Gambler – Torso (Uncommon)
Rank 19:
Gewehr M95/30 – Birch
Rank 20:
Lightning Strikes Dog Tag (Silver)
Rank 21:
Special Assignment #4
Rank 22:
Axis Soldier Set Part – The Aristocrat – Legs (Uncommon)
Rank 23:
Axis Soldier Set Part – The Aristocrat – Torso (Uncommon) 
Rank 24:
Special Assignment #5
Rank 25: Modele 1944 Weapon Skin – Birch
Rank 26:
Facepaint – Daft
Rank 27:
Mosquito F Mk II Vehicle Skin
Rank 28:
Special Assignment #6
Rank 29:
Ju 88A Vehicle Skin
Rank 30:
Zk-383 Weapon Skin – White Tiger
Rank 31:
Mk. III Rifle Weapon Skin – White Tiger
Rank 32:
Allied Soldier Set – The Gambler
Rank 33:
Axis Soldier Set – The Aristocrat
Rank 34:
Special Assignment #7
Rank 35:
Churchill Gun Carrier Vehicle Skin
Rank 36:
Stug IV Vehicle Skin – Body
Rank 37:
M1922 Weapon Skin – White Tiger
Rank 38:
Allied Soldier Set – Double Down
Rank 39:
Axis Soldier Set – Baron Von Zorn
Rank 40:
Facepaint – Noble and Lightning Strikes Dog Tag (Gold)

Five Chapter Events Full of Challenges
All Battlefield V Chapters are divided into Chapter Events, which are gameplay-themed periods of one or multiple weeks, full of challenges where you can earn Chapter Rank, weapon unlocks, and more. Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes will contain five Chapter Events. As you can see, all Chapter Events except Iron Skin will be two weeks long:

  • A Few Good Soldiers (Week 1 2): On January 17, the first Chapter Event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes kicks off. Its two Weekly Challenges will focus on the intense 8-vs-8 matches of Squad Conquest – a guest-starring mode available for a limited time during the second Chapter. Complete them to unlock the Zk-383 submachine gun and the Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle. 
  • Hold the Line (Week 3 4): Themed around the Breakthrough and Frontlines, Hold the Line challenges you to learn and master these game modes in two new Weekly Challenges. There’s rockin’ Final Countdown headgear and a powerful M1922 MMG in it for you if you succeed.
  • Iron Skin (Week 5): Tank warfare is a prominent theme in Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes and the one-week Chapter Event of Iron Skin celebrates the steel beasts of Battlefield V. Stay tuned for more details on challenges and rewards.
  • Armor on the Horizon (Week 6 7): The crown jewel of Battlefield V multiplayer, Grand Operations combines maps and modes in an epic blend of multiplayer goodness. A Grand Operation is added with Chapter 2, and you’ll be taking on two Weekly Challenges tied to this in the Armor on the Horizon Chapter Event. We’ll share details on rewards and more in an upcoming article.
  • Unstoppable Force (Week 8 9): Rush returns during Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, and this classic mode in a new veil – highly anticipated by Battlefield veterans – is the focus of the Chapter Event dubbed Unstoppable Force. We’re laying the final touches on this Chapter Event, its Weekly Challenges, and their superb rewards – we can’t wait to tell you more about them!

Take on New Special Assignments
There’s more! During Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, there are big chunks of XP to be earned through chapter-specific Special Assignments. Just like regular Special Assignments, these are sets of mini-challenges where you can earn rewards by completing a set number of tasks. Simply head to the main menu’s Assignments section and choose up to four of these to be tracked simultaneously.

Below are the Special Assignments you’ll be able to tackle (only) in Chapter 2. Jump into Battlefield V to see exact requirements and rewards for each task.

In My Hands (complete one of two)

  • Kill a set number of enemies.
  • Kill a set number of enemies in one round.

We are Ready (complete one of two)

  • Play a set number of rounds in any game mode.
  • Win a set number of rounds in any game mode.

Go Forth (complete one of two)

  • Capture a set number of objectives.
  • Capture a set number of objectives in a round.

Start Engine (complete one of two)

  • Kill a set number of vehicles while in a vehicle.
  • Destroy a set number of enemy vehicles.

Stubbornness Prevails (complete two of three)

  • Kill a set number of enemies while in an objective area.
  • Kill a set number of enemies in one round.
  • Kill a set number of enemies in one life.

Throttle Up (complete two of three)

  • Kill a set number of vehicles while in a vehicle.
  • Kill a set number of enemies while in a vehicle in one round.
  • Destroy a set number of enemy vehicles in one round.

When Lightning Strikes (complete two of three)

  • Kill a set number of enemies while in an objective area in one life.
  • Win a set number of rounds in any game mode.
  • Destroy a set number of enemy vehicles in a round.

Enjoy your multiplayer adventures in Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. There is lots to be conquered and lots to earn. More is coming with the further updates of the Chapter, so stay tuned – and good luck!

– Jonas Elfving

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