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EA SPORTS Premier League Player of the Month - December - Zlatan Ibrahimović

After an impressive December, that brought five goals and three assists for Manchester United's number 9, EA SPORTS spoke to Zlatan Ibrahimović, as he was named the EA SPORTS Player of the Month. He gave us his thoughts on adapting to life in the Premier League, how it feels to be the joint-best player in the Premier League on EA SPORTS FIFA 17, and how Henrikh Mkhitaryan managed to score the 'scorpion goal'.


EA SPORTS™ : How have you found adapting to the Premier League?

ZI : Slowly, slowly, I’m adapting. I feel comfortable, I feel confident. I’m playing in a great team, with great teammates, great coach and for a great club. Everyone here has made it easier for me, so I just had to come and do things that I do, and when you work hard it pays off.


EA SPORTS™ : How is it different from other leagues that you’ve played in?

ZI : I think that the pace is very high, the rhythm is very high and physically it’s much stronger here. The atmosphere is different here because every game is full and when opponents play against United, it’s always a full house.


EA SPORTS™ : Your teammate Henrikh won Goal of the Month with a scorpion kick from your cross, what did you think when you saw him score it?

ZI : It was an amazing goal. I mean, it’s a goal you cannot describe or even really dream about. You can, but to make it real is much more difficult. I’m happy for him because it’s a goal that people will remember forever. I’m also happy because I was involved in it. So I’m happy for him and for the fans, because when the fans get to see a goal like that, it is something amazing – it’s the beauty of the game.


EA SPORTS™ : Did you teach Henrikh how to do the scorpion kick?

ZI : Yes, we trained a couple of weeks before and I said exactly how to do the movement, as the pass needed to be perfect. So it went well!


EA SPORTS™ : Do you play much EA SPORTS FIFA 17 in your own time and who are the best players in the dressing room?

ZI : I play with my children and they are big fans of the game. We play as different teams and with different players. 

EA SPORTS™ :  Alongside David De Gea, you are the best rated player in the Premier League, how does that feel?

ZI : I’m happy for the fans that get to play as me. It also means I’m good in the game, so I’m happy!


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