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The Major Factions You’ll Encounter in Anthem

Meet the groups who operate in Fort Tarsis.

In the world of Anthem, the Freelancers aren’t the only ones who have risen to the challenges of life in the hostile wilds they call home. Several powerful factions operate here, seeking out their own ends and often getting in each other’s way. But inevitably these disparate factions end up in need of the services of the Freelancers. Get to know the major factions to help you prepare to enter the world of Anthem.

The Sentinels

The Sentinels are the chief upholders of the law throughout the cities and settlements of Anthem. They believe in justice and order above all else, and see themselves as a bulwark protecting the people from the chaos of the outside world. In the eyes of the Sentinel leadership, the Freelancers are a ragtag outfit whose fierce independence makes them unreliable.


An extensive network of intelligence agents, spies, and diplomats, Corvus’ main goal is to scout out threats and remove them without direct confrontation. While they are not above having their operatives engage in targeted sabotage or an assassination now and again, they prefer to contract out any of their messier tasks to third-parties, like the Freelancers.


Cyphers are humans gifted with and rigorously trained in the ability to communicate mentally over long distances, performing complex analytical calculations and processing incredible amounts of information. They serve in support roles to lancers, providing information and analysis during expeditions.

The Arcanists

Scientist-mystics who have dedicated themselves to researching the mysteries of the world of Anthem, the Arcanists research both the natural frontier as well as the technological. Their ultimate goal is to gather, categorize, and preserve the complete knowledge of humanity. Their tireless promotion of knowledge and teaching has been directly or indirectly responsible for much of the technological advancement of this world.

Your journey into Anthem will take you through encounters with all of these factions in Fort Tarsis. Making connections with each will help you acquire new missions and contracts to fulfill, rebuilding the renown of the Freelancers.

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