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Welcome to Fort Tarsis

Discover Anthem’s central fortress as we explore Fort Tarsis.

Fort Tarsis is your home in the world of Anthem™, but it’s also so much more. As one of humanity’s fortified settlements, it brings all walks of life together in a space where royalty and scoundrels can rub elbows and you never quite know who you’ll bump into next. Let’s explore some of what makes Fort Tarsis such an important locale in the world of Anthem.

A Long and Storied Legacy

The history of Fort Tarsis traces back to its namesake, Legion of Dawn leader General Helena Tarsis. It was her tireless efforts that lead humanity to a place of strength and security, where they could build a fortified city that would withstand the nightmarish threats that roam the lands. As this beacon of hope ascended, humanity took its own strides forward, developing the resources and technology to thrive in some of the most hostile environments imaginable. Both the Freelancers and the Sentinels had a significant presence here, along with the shadowy agents of Corvus and the researcher-monks of the Arcanists.
Fort Tarsis brings these disparate groups together in an alliance of survival, a living tribute to the heroes who made it possible.

Your Next Mission Awaits

Fort Tarsis will also serve as the central location for you to pick up your next mission. With agents from all the major factions, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes calling with your next Freelancer contract. While you can pick up some missions from the safety of your strider (your four-story-tall mobile base), others have to be done face-to-face in Fort Tarsis. Just watch your back – some of these agents aren’t exactly upstanding citizens.
Fort Tarsis is where you’ll get a chance to rest after a long mission and talk with the locals about what’s going on in the world, too. You’ll find plenty of friendly faces (and plenty more unfriendly ones) to engage with, and it’s worthwhile to watch as the citizens of Fort Tarsis react to your choices out in the world as well as in conversation here behind the walls.
Not only does Fort Tarsis stand as a symbol of how far humanity has come, but it will be your window to greatness on your journey to becoming a Freelancer worthy of the legacy of General Tarsis. Who knows what other secrets you’ll uncover within these fortified walls?
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Anthem launches February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Early Access begins on February 15 for Origin Access and EA Access members.**

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