The Different Kinds of Progression in Anthem

How to tackle the biggest threats that the world of Anthem has for you.

In Anthem™, you’ll grow stronger with every mission you complete and every monster you destroy. But your journey may offer surprising gifts that allow you to progress and grow in different ways. So let’s cover the basics of progression in the world of Anthem.

Pilots and Javelins: The Basics

In Anthem, you play as a pilot who can use an arsenal of Javelins to complete their missions. But you’ll also be able to have several pilot profiles on a single game. So don’t worry if you share a game console at home, you won’t have to share your progress as well. Your pilots and Javelins are both individually upgradeable and customizable. What does that mean? Well, your pilot has its own level, and each of your javelins has a unique collection of equipment. As you progress and level up, your pilot will receive points to upgrade and your javelin will collect new equipment, giving greater power and more options to your loadout.

Pilot Progression

Pilot progression applies to every Javelin your pilot uses, and focuses on those aspects of being a pilot that aren’t tied to a specific Javelin. You can put points into flying for longer periods of time without overheating, allowing for greater mobility during combat, and fewer stops when traversing long distances, for example.

Javelin Progression

As your pilot gains experience operating a specific Javelin, you’ll collect lots of equipment of differing abilities and rarities. You might want to equip components to reduce the cooldown of your Ranger’s grenade attack and dish out even more damage in the field, as an example. Each javelin – Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm – all have their own unique equipment which can be collected. Your loadout choices will allow you to tailor your javelin’s abilities to your playstyle, or discover different playstyles you may not have considered.

Javelin Customization

Of course, with every completed mission comes the possibility of new gear and weaponry. Upgrading weapons and honing your loadout is another crucial piece of your progression, and will further allow you to create the perfect Javelin for you. Be sure to align your progression choices with your customization for maximum effect against enemies.

The challenges you’ll face in the world of Anthem will only get greater and more dangerous, so your pilot and Javelins will have to be at their best in order to take them on. How will you choose to face the worst threats that Mirrus has to throw at you?

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