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Madden NFL Overdrive Progression Explained

Madden NFL Overdrive features an all-new way to improve your Ultimate Team! Learn all about it here!

Madden NFL Overdrive


In past explainers, we’ve shown how Head to Head mode featuring real-time pvp changes how you play Madden NFL Overdrive. We’ve explained how your coach brings new-found depth to your strategic choices on the field. We also showed you how Captains allow you to customize your playbook and improve your on-field performance.

Today we’re going to explain how you build the rest of your roster by progressing and interacting with our new programs, store fronts, and live events.

The first time you log into Madden NFL Overdrive, two things will immediately jump out at you. First is that we have removed stamina as a mechanic in the game. What this means is that the days of waiting around for stamina refills in order to play more are gone. Instead, PvP modes such as Overdrive Head to Head and intraleague play are unlimited, so you can play to your heart’s content.

The other thing that will make itself apparent is that there are no longer sets in Madden NFL Overdrive. In past editions of Madden NFL Mobile, you were able to play Live Events to earn reward packs that awarded you collectibles and player Items that you could then trade in to sets and obtain players or items. In Madden NFL Overdrive, you will earn program-specific badges from playing events or performing tasks associated with that program.

For example, one of the first Programs you’ll be able to play in Madden NFL Overdrive is Team of the Week. Team of the Week will have two Items you can earn by playing events: Badges and Banners. Playing Team of the Week events will earn you Team of the Week Badges, which you can exchange for Team of the Week Packs that include players and Team of the Week Banners.

Once you’ve earned enough Banners from opening Team of the Week Packs or by exchanging gold and elite Team of the Week players, you’ll be able to exchange the Banners for a Pack that will give you your choice of that week’s featured Team of the Week Heroes.

This system is flexible and opens up a host of possibilities to progress. If you want, you can purchase packs directly using Madden Cash that will give you the appropriate tokens to directly buy the player you want. You’ll be able to plan and strategize the most direct path to obtain the content you desire. Or, you can simply play through the events every day and work your way through programs, obtaining players and tokens as you go. You’re in control.

You will still be able to buy and sell players via the brokered Auction House introduced in season 4 of Madden NFL Mobile.

We mentioned before that stamina was no longer part of Madden NFL Overdrive. This is true for Live Events as well. However, every live event will have a rotating schedule that will allow it to be played once for big rewards.

You can earn the ability to repeat Live Events via Blitz Tokens, which are earnable from playing games of Overdrive Head to Head. Therefore, the basic core loop of the game for progression is as follows:

Of course, it wouldn’t be Madden NFL Overdrive if we didn’t change one other key system from last season: training.

Last season, training allowed you to upgrade every player in the game a certain number of OVR levels, increasing their ratings along the way. Now, every player is still trainable, but only Captains will see their ratings increase. Instead, training your players will add to your team power, which, in a game of Overdrive head to head, will be compared to your opponent’s power. Whomever has the most power will receive an OVR boost to their entire team for the duration of the match.

We believe that this new structure will be much easier to understand and give you control over how you build your Ultimate Team. The path to obtain players and upgrade your roster has never been simpler, and the options are endless.

Madden NFL Overdrive will be a free update to Madden NFL Mobile, coming August 15th. Pre-register now at:

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