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Plants vs. Zombies News from Neighborville: Week Three

Dig into the details of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Founder’s Edition content, Week Three.

Greetings, Founding Neighbors! Welcome to Week Three of News from Neighborville – your source for details on fresh content dropping this week in the Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™ Founder’s Edition. As you know, Founding Neighbors play an early edition of the game, receive exclusive rewards, and pay a special Founder’s price of $29.99* before the Standard Edition becomes available for $39.99*. You can find out more about it here! Haven’t become a Founding Neighbor yet? Make sure you get in the game before your opportunity ends on September 30, 9:00 a.m. PDT.

Rub-a-dubbin’ Rewards

You’re really going to clean up with this week’s reward! Founding Neighbors who log in by next Monday, September 23 will receive the exclusive Dave Bubbles Victory Slab. Head over to Rux’s Emporium in the game to pick your reward and make sure every vanquish is squeaky clean.

Mix It up in Multiplayer

This week we’re mixing things up with Mix Modes, which enable random game modes and settings, such as:

  • Gnome Bomb: Find the Gnome Bomb and use it to destroy your opponents’ gardens or graveyards while preventing the other team from destroying yours. Kaboom!
  • Suburbination: Get ready to suburbinate your foes as you capture and hold command posts, converting them to gardens or graveyards. The more posts you control and the longer you can hold them, the more points your team earns.
  • Vanquish Confirmed: Collect precious, shiny, glowing. . . sorry, where were we? Oh, right – Orbs! Collect Orbs by vanquishing opponents! Points are awarded based on how many delicious Orbs you collect and the first team to 100 points wins.

Fight Off Foes in Ops Mode

In Ops, you’ll battle waves of enemies with your own super vanquishing skills or by activating turrets around the map for additional defense. Each wave of enemies increases in difficulty as you progress. Plus, you’ll encounter bonus challenges and powerful bosses along the way. While Ops mode will be available starting on September 17, look out for improvements coming to Ops in early October where we’ll adjust wave timing, add elite bosses, and more.

Cropping up Next Week

Send in the reinforcements in a multiplayer event using the six new characters to PvZ: Battle for Neighborville. Explore a fresh free-roam region and figure out what the zombies are up to inside Mount Steep. Plus, test your metal with an exclusive costume for Peashooter! 

Any Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions from this past week:

Q: What happened to variants?

A: The variants, or sub-classes for characters, have been replaced with the Pick-7 Upgrade system. This allows you to create your own variants with the upgrades you unlock for each character as you level up. There are three variant slots that can be edited to make each character look the way you want, and each can be uniquely upgraded with up to seven points. This allows you to have characters that look and play the way you want.

Q: What’s up with Mr. Reward-O-Tron 9000 – is it true it only takes in-game earned coins?

A: Mr. Reward-O-Tron 9000 is a coin-based reward machine that spits out items of varying type and rarity. The rewards could range from a silly expression to a full-blown character costume. The color of the item that pops out of the top will indicate its rarity, but regardless of type or rarity, the coin cost is always the same. You can only use earned coins to acquire items for Mr. Reward-O-Tron 9000, and there are no plans to monetize or sell coins in the future. You can earn coins pretty much anywhere in the game, whether you’re playing through free-roam regions or in multiplayer combat.

Q: Is it true that I don’t have to pay for the Standard Edition when the game officially launches?

A: It’s true! No additional step is required to get the Standard Edition at launch. At the end of the six-week Founder’s period, Founding Neighbors will have received all of content included in the Standard Edition, including the exclusive weekly Founder’s rewards** that have been earned.

Q: If I have Founder’s Edition, which turns into Standard Edition at launch, can I still get the Deluxe Edition content on October 18?

A: Yes, for those who purchased the Founder’s Edition or Standard Edition, you will be able to upgrade to Digital DLX for $9.99* USD starting October 18. The Deluxe Edition will have two legendary costumes and other perks, like a digital comic and exclusive emotes.

That’s the news for this week, Neighbors! Be sure to join the conversation on Discord to let us know what you think of the game! And, tune into Twitch for our Live from Neighborville stream on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PDT to provide your feedback, chat with our development team, and get a more in-depth view of the content we’ve released so far. We’ll be back next Tuesday for another News from Neighborville post, so stay tuned and thanks for playing!


Haven’t purchased the Founder’s Edition yet? Get this early edition now before your opportunity ends on September 30 at 9:00 a.m. PDT.

 *References to the Founder’s Edition and Standard Edition pricing are based on EA’s MSRP. OFFERS MAY VARY OR CHANGE. SEE FOR DETAILS.

**Starting September 4, 2019 and ending on September 30, 2019, one reward available per week. Must log in on a weekly basis to redeem rewards. 

Conditions and restrictions apply.  See WWW.EA.COM/LEGAL for details.

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