Upcoming Career and Car Changes to Real Racing 3 in 6.3

In our May update (6.3) we'll be making more changes to the Motorsports category in Real Racing 3, including the introduction of a new Motorsports Group, Endurance GT Racing.

Motorsports: 2017 Porsche & Aston Martin

The 2017 Porsche 911 RSR (2017) and the Aston Martin Vantage GTE (2017) will be moving from Career to a new season within Endurance GT Racing.

We will be removing the GTE-Pro: Porsche vs. Aston Martin bonus series in 6.3. The events in GTE-Pro: Porsche vs. Aston Martin will no longer count towards total career completion.

Any Gold/R$ you have not received via series completion for GTE-Pro: Porsche vs. Aston Martin will NO LONGER be attainable in 6.3.

You will keep your cars and upgrades and can use them in Endurance GT Racing.

Motorsports: McLaren F1 GTR

The McLaren F1 GTR will feature in a new season within Endurance GT Racing. The addition will result in performance changes to the car and alterations to its Career Series, McLaren Generations.

McLaren F1 GTR Performance Change

The F1 GTR will receive a performance change to reflect its real-world capabilities better and ensure that all cars will be able to complete the newly available season in Endurance GT Racing.

The following McLaren F1 GTR stats will change:

Performance Rating

  • Original Performance Rating: 63.6 → 80.3
  • New Performance Rating: 51.1 → 72.0

Top Speed

  • Original Top Speed: 240 mph (386 kph) → 261 mph (420 kph)
  • New Top Speed: 225 (362kph) → 252 mph (405 kph)


  • Original Acceleration: 3.0 s → 2.54 s
  • New Acceleration: 3.9 s → 3.22 s


  • Original Brakes: 95 ft (28.9 m) → 85 ft (25.9 m)
  • New Brakes: 99 ft (30.1 m) → 85 ft (25.9 m)


  • No Changes (1.3g → 1.5g)

The McLaren F1 GTR's cost will reduce from 750 gold to 630 Gold. Upgrade prices will remain the same.

McLaren Generations Change

Because of McLaren F1 GTR stat change, the Career Series, McLaren Generations has changed.

As part of this refresh, we have added the McLaren 720S Coupe and the McLaren P1 to bridge the gap between the F1 GTR and the P1 GTR. Some events have been removed and replaced with 720S and P1 Showcases and Time Trials.

Due to the performance change of the McLaren F1 GTR, progress in the series will be reset, and completed events will need to be re-completed to regain trophies in the series.

Players who have already received completion rewards (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) will instead gain repeat completion rewards when reaching that percentage completion again.

First-time completion rewards:

  • 25% - 10 gold, R$ 10,000
  • 50% - 16 gold, R$ 16,000
  • 75% - 21 gold, R$ 21,000
  • 100% - 33 gold, R$ 33,000

Repeat completion rewards:

  • 25% - 1 gold, R$ 1,000
  • 50% - 1 gold, R$ 1,000
  • 75% - 2 gold, R$ 2,000
  • 100% - 3 gold, R$ 3,000

For example, a player who has gotten halfway through the series has already claimed 10 gold for 25% completion and 16 gold for 50% completion. Upon updating to 6.3, all trophies earned in the series will be removed. The player can now get 1 gold for re-completing 25%, 1 gold for re-completing 50% completion and the first time rewards of 21 and 33 gold for 75% and 100% completion.

Although you will only receive repeat completion rewards for re-completing this career series you will be able to gain up to 67 gold from the new Motorsport Season in the McLaren F1 GTR.

Future Motorsports Changes

For future updates, the team is looking into moving other motorsports-related cars into existing/new Motorsports Groups.

Moving cars from the Career into Motorsports Groups will sometimes result in the removal of Career Series featuring those cars.

Any changes to existing Career content will be announced before the update's release.

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