Upcoming Changes to Career and Series in Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

In the February update (6.1) we will be making a number of changes to Real Racing 3.

Main Menu Redesign
The main menu has been redesigned to improve access to in-game content.

  • More features will now be accessible from the home page.
  • Career groups will now be found beneath a new Career category.
  • Career Goals will be removed from the game.
  • Exclusive series will remain on the main menu.
  • A new motorsports category will be created (more details below).
  • The career button will be replaced with a race button that takes you directly to the most relevant series for the car you have selected.

New Motorsports category and removal of Career Goals:
We’re creating a new Motorsports category in-game. The aim of Motorsports is to improve access to our Motorsports content and streamline career progression.

As part of this feature there will be a number of changes:

All Formula E and NASCAR content will be removed from the Career and new content will be created in the new Motorsports category.

  • In total 16 series are being removed and 5 new series are being created. Whilst this reduces the total rewards, the number of cars required to complete the content is reduced from 16 to 5, significantly lowering the cost for completion.
  • The removed series will no longer be playable, and series progression will be reset. Any R$ or Gold series completion or collection rewards not obtained before players update to 6.1(launching on the 13th February) will no longer be winnable.
  • Your cars, liveries and upgrades will remain the same.
  • Players who have completed the removed series will have the opportunity to play through the new series and earn the new completion rewards.
  • Liveries that were winnable as part of collections in this content will be available for free in the 6.1 update.

As part of this change we’re making a number of balancing changes to Motorsports cars:

  • For motorsports cars costing gold, a number of prices are being dropped and upgrades will remain the same (no gold cars will increase in price).
  • In the case of R$ motorsports cars we want to align price with performance, their prices will be increased (cost and upgrades) but will remain R$.
  • Minor Performance Rating (PR) increases will be made to some cars to equalise the cost required to complete their series, these changes will not affect the cars performance.
  • Some servicing times will be adjusted in line with performance, more cars will see their servicing time lowered instead of increased.

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