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Enfys Nest, Underworld Marauder

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The enigmatic Enfys Nest is the leader of the swoop-riding pirate gang, the Cloud-Riders, and has earned a reputation as one not to be trifled with.

Enfys Nest can be seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story™, in theaters now, and unlocked in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes™.


Unlike characters that prefer attacking weak targets, Enfys Nest is one of the few characters in the game that benefits from attacking strong targets. Nest’s abilities are designed to cut through opposing characters that are trying to protect their allies.

Nest can dispel defense buffs, like Taunt, and deals bonus damage to characters that have any Protection. Repulsor Blast will remove Turn Meter from characters that have Protection and the Unique Ability can grant stacking Health Steal.

Enfys Nest is a bruiser with serious survivability who punishes Tanks for gaining Taunt and/or Foresight (among other defense buffs).

Basic Ability: Cut Through

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and Expose them for 1 turn. If the target had any defensive buffs, Dispel them. This attack can't be Evaded.

(Defensive buffs include: Defense, Health, Protection, Evasion, and Tenacity Up, Taunt, Stealth, Foresight, Heal Over Time, and Critical Immunity.)

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: With this ability, we wanted to represent Nest's relentless nature, while also trying something new mechanically. Being able to reliably Dispel with a Basic ability is always powerful, but Nest's is unique in that it only works against "defensive" buffs; this limitation is offset by the extremely high Counter Chance in her Unique ability, allowing her to effortlessly strip the enemy team of defense buffs, particularly Taunt.

Special Ability 1: Sudden Impact (Cooldown 3)

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and Stun them for 1 turn. This attack deals 50% more damage to enemies with Protection.

Special Ability 2: Kinetite Charge (Cooldown 4)

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to all enemies, Daze them for 2 turns, remove 20% Turn Meter from each enemy that had full Health, and gain 40% Turn Meter for each enemy with less than full Health. This attack can't be Countered or Evaded.

Unique Ability 1: Fighting Instinct

FINAL TEXT: Nest has +80% Counter Chance and ignores Taunt during Nest’s turn.

Whenever Nest is damaged by an attack, the character gains +30% Critical Chance and 40% Bonus Protection (stacking). This Bonus Protection increases by an additional 40% each time. Both bonuses expire and reset at the end of Nest’s next turn.

Whenever an enemy loses a buff or debuff, Nest gains +2% Critical Damage and Healthsteal (stacking) for the rest of the battle.

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: This ability represents Nest's combat prowess, and ability to hold her ground against even multiple enemies. Her bonus Counter Chance allows her to constantly Dispel defensive buffs with her Basic, while the stacking bonuses to Critical Damage and Healthsteal make Nest a force to be reckoned with if the fight goes long. The most potent part of the ability, however, is the Bonus Protection, which gets larger and larger each time Nest is attacked, only resetting when Nest takes her turn--this makes it exceedingly difficult for enemies to overwhelm her with sheer numbers, and when coupled with her ability to ignore Taunt, allows Nest to control the pace of the fight.

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