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#BeatTheBoss Livestream Top 10 Moments

See the top 10 moments from the EA SPORTS UFC 3 #BeatTheBoss Livestream.



The EA SPORTS UFC 3 #BeatTheBoss Livestream was full of exciting moments and plenty of laughter as Dana White, KSI, and a host of other UFC stars formed rivalries against one another and took on challengers online. Scores were settled, friends battled friends, and the biggest UFC contest ever was announced live on twitch.tv/easportsufc from the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are the Top 10 moments from a jam-packed evening of gaming.

1. Chris Weidman vs. Michael Bisping

From the moment Michael Bisping sat down, he had one question on his mind, “Where's Chris Weidman?” Clearly unfazed by his day of throwing KSI around the Performance Institute, Bisping was ready for more in the form of fellow 185-pound competitor Weidman. Facing off using their own in-game characters in Knockout Mode, Weidman won the first bout with a body kick KO.

A best-of-three wins stipulation was implemented, and the newly minted rivals faced off once again, except this time Bisping picks up the victory. In the third leg of this heated contest, Weidman finds the finish and an apparent final victory over Bisping, yet this would not be the last meeting between these two. Looking for redemption, Bisping once again challenges Weidman, this time in a standard Fight Now match. The results are no better this time for Bisping, as Weidman continues his dominance with an exhilarating head kick KO. Overcome with excitement, Weidman leapt off the couch to celebrate, as the rest of the crew responded with shock.

2. Dana announces the #BeTheBoss Contest

While the night may have been all about #BeatTheBoss, a special announcement from Dana White made it clear there was more to come with an invitation to the #BeTheBoss Contest. From now through June 6, competitors are eligible to register and become a champion as Dana White in Career Mode for a chance to win a trip to UFC 226! See full details here.

3. t2shifty vs. Matt Serra

Playing matchmaker for which fighters would represent Matt Serra and online competitor “t2shifty” was not a simple task. While setting up the bout, t2shifty lived up to his name by continuously shifting between who he wanted to use against Serra. While it initially looked as though the challenger might select Serra's own friend Al Iaquinta, a trilogy fight between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor was ultimately settled upon. As the fight commenced, t2shifty came right out of the gate with a signature hands-behind-the-back McGregor taunt, a strategy that would continue throughout the rest of the contest. It would take less than a full round for t2shifty to put away Serra, much to the chagrin of Serra's friend Chris Weidman.

4. Ty1012326 KO's KSI

The match-up of Royce Gracie and Jacare Souza is a Jiu-Jitsu lover's dream, however that's not so much the case when you leave it to KSI and “Ty1012326” to control them. Having already bested an online opponent, KSI was seemingly confident when he met his next challenger, who would decide to take on the Youtube sensation with Jacare Souza. Responding with his own grappling genius in Royce Gracie, KSI was prepared for a battle on the mat. Unexpectedly, Ty1012326 showed just what it means to be a mixed martial artist by knocking out Gracie with the decorated black belt Souza, sending KSI a crushing defeat.

5. Dana KO's Bisping with a Stockton Slap

Not everybody can be successful in their quest to #BeatTheBoss, something Michael Bisping found out the hard way. Challenging Dana to a brawl in Knockout Mode, Bisping thought he would put his own character to the test in a match-up against a Dana-controlled Nick Diaz. Things didn't work out so well for Bisping, as Dana would not only finish his opponent, but do so in style with a signature Stockton Slap.

6. Megan Olivi vs Claudia Gadelha

Hosting a get together is never easy, let alone when your guests are some of the biggest names in the UFC. Despite this difficult challenge, host Megan Olivi not only set the stage for the multiple personalties involved, but also managed to be a part of the action as well. Things got a little personal when Olivi's opponent, UFC Strawweight Claudia Gadelha, selected Olivi's husband Joseph Benavidez as her fighter of choice. Olivi decided to counter with Tim Elliot, who lost to Benavidez back in 2014, and stopped her own husband in-game with a leg kick. A strange turn of events to be sure, but not lost in the chaos was Olivi's grace as master of ceremonies.

7. KSI as Bruce Buffer KO's Weidman with Less Than 10 Seconds Left

Dana isn't alone in his journey to become a cage fighter in EA SPORTS UFC 3, as the legendary voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer is now a playable character. Upon discovering this addition, KSI didn't hesitate in selecting Buffer to take on Chris Weidman, who responded fittingly by picking himself. Squaring off in game at the O2 Arena, the bout had a slow start as KSI previewed his upcoming boxing match against Logan Paul, and Weidman gave an update on the status of his thumb injury. The brawl went late into the third round, with KSI trapping Weidman under the crushing pressure of Buffer and raining down shots for a dramatic TKO victory with only eight seconds left on the clock. Clearly dismayed, Weidman protested the result as Bruce Buffer triumphantly announced the winner, Bruce Buffer.

8. Dana Reveals the UFC's New Performance Institute in China

In the hours leading up to #BeatTheBoss, KSI took the opportunity to train at the UFC Performance Institute in preparation for his August 25 bout with Logan Paul. When asked about the facility itself, KSI described it as “literally insane” and recounted his training session with Michael Bisping from earlier in the day. Dana responds with news that a new Performance Institute is being built somewhere in Mainland China, a surprising development for a region that just hosted its first UFC card last year.

9. t2shifty vs. Chris Weidman

After seeing the dominant performance put on by t2shifty, Chris Weidman decided to take matters into his own hands and challenge the skilled online competitor, once again using his own character. In response, t2shifty went with Anderson Silva in hopes of avenging Silva's two losses to Weidman, and once again began with the brash taunting. Demanding that his opponent put a stop to these antics, Weidman orders t2shifty to “stop talking trash and fight,”–which was immediately followed up by a three punch combination that dropped Weidman.

10. Dana White vs. Matt Serra

Friendly competition never hurts, a maxim especially true when you get two really competitive friends together. In the final fight of the night, Dana went up against his good buddy Matt Serra in a battle between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson. After Serra guides Dodson to a KO victory, the group decides that they have to end on a best-of-three series, which is quickly settled with yet another Dodson KO victory from Serra. The victorious Serra rose quickly and lifted his arms above his head, while nearby friend Dana put his controller down calmly, knowing that he's still the real boss.

Missed #BeTheBoss? We've got you covered with the full video on Twitch.

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