UFC 3 Ground Game Tips

Master your ground game for complete Octagon control.



Creative Director, Brian Hayes, walks us through what to do if you get taken to the ground in EA SPORTS UFC 3.

If you get taken to the ground, DON'T FREAK OUT! More experienced grapplers will expect you to get right back up out of sheer panic. Your grapple HUD will show you what transitions you can perform from your current position. Push the right stick into the position you want to perform, let the transition meter fill up, and BOOM you're in the new position.

Alternate positions can be found by pressing the L1 or Left Bumper button.

Remember to manage your stamina. If, while on the ground, you find your stamina is getting low, take a breather, let it fill back up, and try to perform a transition.

To deny your opponents transition attempts, hold the R2 or Right Trigger button, matching the same direction of the transition with the right stick.

It takes patience to master your ground game, so relax, get comfortable, master your stamina, and you'll find yourself back on top. For more information, check out UFC 3 Ground Game Controls for Xbox One and PS4.