Leg Kicks Basics in UFC 3

Incorporate leg kicks to wear down your opponent or finish the fight.



Another big change to EA SPORTS UFC 3 is the leg kicks. They are an extremely high-risk, high-reward, strike that can cause a log of damage. Unlike head and body damage, leg-kick damage does not recover. This makes them very effective later on in the fight.

To check a leg-kick simply perform a low block by holding the left and right triggers. If you successfully check a leg kick, the fighter who performed the leg kick will take damage. The more successful leg kicks you check, the more likely you are to score a knock down, or even finish the fight. 

To avoid taking damage from a checked leg kick, make your strikes unpredictable. Throw your leg kicks into combinations. A good example of a combination would be a lead uppercut to leg kick, or jab jab leg kick. Here are more details around Stand-up Fighting in UFC 3 or check out the Beginner's Guide to EA SPORTS UFC 3, if you're just starting out.

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