UFC 3 Striking Basics

Learn how to use your full arsenal of strikes.



Learning about the fundamentals of striking in EA SPORTS UFC 3 will make your journey into the Octagon that much easier. 

To punch, press the Square or Triangle buttons of PS4 and the X and Y on Xbox One. To perform upper cuts you need to press two buttons at once. On PS4 hold Square and X or Triangle and O. On Xbox One press A and X or B and Y. Pressing these two buttons allows you to perform uppercuts with fluidity and power.

In order to kick you use the X or O buttons on PS4 and the A and B buttons on Xbox One.

To target your opponent's body instead of their head, hold the left trigger on both PS4 and Xbox One to modify where your strikes land. For example, to throw a hook to the body on PS4, you would hold down Square and L1 to hook, but when you hold the left trigger, you modify your hook to land in the body of your opponent.

To get even more details on how the new UFC 3 controls work, make sure to check out Stand Up Game Controls or the Beginner's Guide to EA SPORTS UFC 3 if you're just getting started.

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