Ultimate Team Summer Training Camp Event

Now is the time to build your perfect UFC 3 Ultimate Team fighter



Summer is here, so it's time to hit the gym and Create a Fighter in EA SPORTS UFC 3 Ultimate Team. The Summer Training Camp Event will run from May 14 to June 11, with each week bringing new rewards that are determined by your votes!

This is a great opportunity to get hands on with Single Player Solo Challenges. Solo challenges are unique scenario-based tasks designed to test your skills, and completing them will earn you more votes towards how your Create a Fighter item is improved during the Summer Training Camp.

The Camp

At the start of the event, claim your Create a Fighter item in Ultimate Team, selecting between Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight or Women's Bantamweight divisions. Each week, you'll complete Solo Challenges to earn badges that can be traded in as sets that act like votes for how the Create a Fighter item will be improved.

For example, if you want to style your Create a Fighter in the form of a striker, then you would complete the Striker Solo Challenges in order to earn badges and sets to vote with during week one. If the Striker category gets the most votes, then the Summer Training Camp Create a Fighter item will be updated to be a Striker.

The Schedule

Here's a week-by-week breakdown of how the Create a Fighter item will be improved by the community.

  • Week 1: Players vote on fighting style (Striker, Brawler, Balanced, Grappler, Specialist)
  • Week 2: Players vote on slots (arm, leg, takedown, submission, clinch, ground). Top categories get increased by one.
  • Week 3: Players vote on attribute stats (power, speed, submission defence, etc.). Top four categories get increased by three points.
  • Week 4: Players vote on combos (boxing, traditional, kickboxing, Muay Thai). Top category gets increased to level five.

While the Event is taking place, weekly updates will be provided to see which categories are receiving the most votes, so be sure to check Twitter every Tuesday and Friday for the latest standings!

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