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UFC 229 Simulation

Find out who wins the fight before the fight.



The biggest fight in UFC history is set to go down at UFC 229, when Khabib Nurmagomedov defends his Lightweight championship against Conor McGregor. In anticipation of this historic event EA SPORTS simulated the fight and has predicted a winner. Check out the official simulation video below, and jump into UFC 3 to take part in the fight before the fight

The clash between Khabib and Conor is the best matchup in UFC 3, as the two fighters bring opposing styles that can lead to some incredible in-game moments. Khabib's grappling rating of 95 makes him one of the games most dominant wrestlers, while Conor's striking rating of 96 gives him the ability to end the fight with one punch. 

The fight begins with a bang, as Khabib charges forward and throws a right overhand, which is dodged by McGregor and followed up by counter strikes that drop Khabib early. As Khabib attempts to get back up, Conor pushes him back to the ground where he lands more devastating strikes on a downed Khabib, a feature made possible thanks to Active Knockdowns added in Gameplay Update #8

Staying resilient in the face of adversity, Khabib responds by getting back to his feet, pushing McGregor back up against the cage, followed by a bodylock throw that sends Conor crashing down. While Khabib manages to land some ground and pound, Conor finds his way back up, only to be pushed against the cage and taken down once again by Khabib. The horn sounds to end round one, and Khabib is pulled away after landing his second takedown. 

While Khabib is able to open round 2 with another takedown, his aggression begins to create openings for Conor. As the two fighters return to their feet, Conor lands his signature left hand, stunning the champion with a shot that sends him flying backwards towards the cage. Now in kicking range, McGregor lands a massive spinning head kick that once again stuns the champion, setting the stage for the climax of the fight. Khabib goes for a final takedown, and pays the price in the form of a McGregor uppercut that ends the fight instantly. Khabib is stopped cold, and Conor walks away with the belt in the official UFC 3 simulation for UFC 229. 

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