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UFC 231 Fight Simulation: Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega

Find out who the EA SPORTS UFC 3 simulation picked to win between Max Holloway and Brian Ortega.



There are fights with such great competitors that it's impossible to know what's going to happen, or decide who to cheer for, and the main event at UFC 231 is a perfect example. Reigning Featherweight champ Max “Blessed” Holloway looks to defend his belt against the surging Brian Ortega in a matchup that pits two of the brightest UFC stars against one another. Who did the UFC 3 simulation pick to win? Watch below to find out.

With so much skill going into the cage, let's turn to UFC 3 for an overview of these fighters' abilities. Based on these UFC 3 ratings, Holloway will hold the striking advantage, while Ortega is the superior jiu-jitsu practitioner. This is a perfect matchup to get in-game with and play out before the contest at UFC 231.

Max Holloway: Striking 93, Grappling 88, Stamina 91, Health 93

Brian Ortega: Striking 87, Grappling 91, Stamina 89, Health 90

Usually a slow-starter, Holloway tries to catch Ortega off-guard by overwhelming him with a flurry of boxing combinations to start round one. Ortega responds and catches Holloway in the middle of a spinning backfist, taking the champ down mid-spin. As Ortega goes for an armbar, Holloway reverses the position and ends up where he wants to be, on his feet. The bell sounds at the end of the first round as both fighters return to their corners.

Round two is dominated by the champ, Holloway, as his superior striking abilities are on display against Ortega. Unable to take Holloway down while taking heavy damage, the challenger returns to his corner having clearly lost the second round. Ortega tries to correct this in round three with his grappling abilities, attempting a guillotine choke submission, however Holloway is once again able to get back to his feet.

After three rounds of back-and-forth action, Holloway takes charge. The champ drops Ortega with a left-right-left combination, continuing to push forward and gain momentum thanks to his advantage in the striking department. In typical “Blessed” fashion, the champ taunts his opponent with an invitation to stand and bang.

Holloway's crucial striking advantage is once again on display in the final round, as he drops Ortega for a second time with a looping overhand right that sends him airborne before hitting the canvas. However, as Holloway goes in for the finish, Ortega reverses the position to end up on top and rains down elbows to close out the fight in dramatic fashion.

The fight goes to a decision, and despite his visible confidence thanks to a strong finish, Ortega loses the fight by split decision. Max Holloway remains the Featherweight champ in the EA SPORTS UFC 3 simulation!

See the stand-up and grappling controls in UFC 3 for everything you'll need to know about controlling these fighters.

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